470 – The Complete History and Mystique Behind Blanton’s with Dominic Guglielmi, author of Warehouse H

If you’re a liquor store owner, there are 3 words you hate to hear, “Got any Blanton’s?”. For today’s modern whiskey consumer, we know about the iconic bottle shape, the collectible letters, and there’s a few different expressions. However, Blanton’s played a critical role in the history of bourbon and there are a lot of super rare expressions you will never get a chance to see in your lifetime. To tell this history, Dominic Guglielmi who’s the author of Warehouse H comes on the show. He has the one of the most renowned collections of Blanton’s on the earth and he even refers to himself as the Ultimate Tater. Beyond just collecting the most coveted bottles around, he has taken the knowledge he learned and the complete history of the brand and put it into a fascinating book that will make you respect it’s past and what it has done for the current bourbon landscape.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about palletized warehouses.
  • What’s your coming of age tale with Blanton’s?
  • What was your first rare Blanton’s bottle?
  • What’s the most limited bottle ever released?
  • Why was Blanton’s created as a product?
  • Who owns the brand?
  • Where did the bottle come from?
  • What releases go into different markets?
  • Is the demand as strong internationally vs domestically?
  • Does the price remain at SRP internationally?
  • What are the secondary prices on the most rare bottles of Blanton’s?
  • What do you think of today’s typical Blanton’s releases?
  • Where are the best Blanton’s ending up across the world?
  • What is new Blanton’s culture like?
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