469 – How to Value A Whiskey Company and Sell It with Kris Bohm of Distillery Now Consulting

Every year there is a distillery that catches the headlines because they have sold for hundred of millions of dollars. Sounds like a dream for many but to make that dream become a reality, you’ll have to know how to value your distillery. For that reason I’ve invited Kris Bohm on the show. He’s the founder of Distillery Now Consulting where he helps folks buy, sell, and install distillery equipment, but he’s also found himself in the midst of multiple merger and acquisition conversations. He joins the show to talk about how to value a distillery in the case someone like Diageo or a private equity firm comes knocking. We talk about case sale volumes, the value of aging whiskey in barrels, equipment, brand recognition, and where the trajectory growth curve comes into play.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the rise of AI and being a writer.
  • What made you want to get into distilling as a teenager?
  • What’s the difference in distilling alcohol vs ethanol?
  • Why would a client choose pot vs column?
  • How do you gauge consumer demand and look at sales for calculating value?
  • What does the pool of buyers look like?
  • What is the threshold of a case volume to start the discussion?
  • What’s the value in the brand vs the equipment and production?
  • Beyond physical assets, what other factors play into a valuation?
  • How are barrels valued?
  • What’s the process for selling a business?
  • Any value in having current distribution?
  • What are roadblocks that often kill deals?
  • Does it matter if case volume happens in the market or at the tasting room?
  • If you can’t afford Vendome, where do your point people?
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