455 – Digging Into The Psychology of a Bourbon Hunter with Jim White of Reality Check

Understanding how the bourbon geek thinks has been something that has dumbfounded us for years. We talk about it all the time on roundtables and other episodes where we try to guess why consumers purchase in certain ways. And for the longest time, you all have asked why don’t we get someone on the show that can talk about the psychology of a bourbon drinker. Well, ask and you shall receive. In this very special episode, Jim White, the Founder and President of Reality Check consulting who has a background in bourbon advertising and psychology joins the show to talk about how people think and how brands can develop a story. This episode will dive into the psychology of scarcity, pricing, limited editions, repeat purchases, and so much more. During different segments you’re going to come away realizing a reason why you chase and hunt bottles as well.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about enforcement of bottled in bond.
  • Can you give a background about Reality Check Consulting?
  • What research methods do you use to get consumer feedback?
  • What things in our psychology trigger us to look at certain brands?
  • How does a brand like Weller go from zero to hero in such a short time?
  • Why should brands create limited edition offerings from a psychology perspective?
  • Is there another type of consumer that just isn’t worried about status?
  • How does a brand focused on volume market differently?
  • Why would someone purchase the same bottle over and over again?
  • Do other categories have fans that want their own hobby to fail?
  • Is brand loyalty dead?
  • How do you attract a customer to look beyond what’s safe?
  • Does FOMO play a big role?
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