448 – When Does An Age Statement Matter? on Bourbon Community Roundtable #90

Whether it’s 2 or 12 years old, the age statement on a bottle seems to be an attractor to many. But as we start diving more into our bourbon journey we start realizing that age is just a number. I’ve had some really great bourbons at 4 years old and some really great at 14. With all that being said, at what point should you proudly display that age statement on the bottle? In this roundtable, we dive into this topic and look at the history of age statements and when we started paying attention to them. There’s also brands that have a lot of success without an age statement like Maker’s Mark and most of the Buffalo Trace portfolio. And now that the modern bourbon consumer has been accustom to seeing age statements, would you pass on a bottle just because it said 4 years old on it?

Show Notes:

  • bove the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about people hating Buffalo Trace products.
  • When Does An Age Statement Matter?
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