446 – What Do RTDs Do For Bourbon?

Cracking the can on a warm day sounds like something out of commercial. Over the past year we talked about the RTD or ready-to-drink category beginning to explode because of High Noon and now major bourbon brands are moving into the ready-to-drink space since the canned cocktails’ accessibility, lower alcohol content, and mixability make them an appealing gateway for newcomers while still leveraging whiskey’s premium status. Though launching requires significant investment, the potential for brand awareness and category growth is alluring. In this episode, Ryan, Fred, and Kenny sip on 5 different bourbon-based RTDs and give our theories on canned cocktail popularity, health concerns, ingredients, and where the category could expect to go.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the best rickhouse in the industry.
  • Drinking Jim Beam Highball
  • Why do brands decide to get into the RTD category?
  • Drinking Jack Daniel’s Honey Lemonade
  • How important is sugar content in the RTD?
  • Can RTDs be a gateway to more bourbon drinkers?
  • Is it better to have brand recognition before starting a RTD?
  • Drinking Home School Blood Orange Manhattan
  • Is it too expensive to get into the RTD game?
  • What is the shelf life of a RTD?
  • How do you define a RTD?
  • Drinking CANVAS Bourbon Lemon Spice
  • Is Bourbon Cream a RTD?
  • Do prefer carbonation or no carbonation?
  • Drinking Thomas Ashborn Classic Old Fashion
  • Does it matter what kind of bourbon you put into it?
  • Where is this category going to go?
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