442 – Basil to Booker’s and Building a Global Brand with Tim Heuisler of Jim Beam

Becoming a global brand ambassador for a major spirits company like Jim Beam involves building close relationships throughout the three-tier distribution system and constantly adapting branding and marketing as consumer tastes evolve. We invited Tim Heuiseler on the show. He’s gone from the behind the bar to traveling globe as a Brand Ambassador to preach the gospel of Jim Beam’s small batch portfolio. We talk about how their offerings span everything from lower-proof introductory with Basil Hayden to the powerhouse that is Booker’s and how to deliver that message consistently. In addition, he takes note of competitor innovations and emerging drink trends so they can launch new marquee expressions like Hardin’s Creek to stay ahead of the game.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the length of decanted whiskey.
  • How does one become a global brand ambassador?
  • How much is involved in building relationships in the three tier system?
  • Does the branding strategy change as consumer habits change?
  • At what point does a brand have enough steam and you have to pivot and focus on a certain product?
  • When you go international, how do you change a culture to adopt bourbon when they focus on other spirits?
  • Is Basil Hayden your introductory whiskey for everyone?
  • How do you replicate Fred and Freddie Noe into your own presentation?
  • What does “small batch” mean to Jim Beam?
  • Why get into single malt?
  • When is the next Booker’s Rye coming?
  • If you see a competitor coming out with something new how do you report that back?
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