439 – Celebrating 10 Years of Barrell Craft Spirits with Joe Beatrice and Tripp Stimson

Seagrass, Dovetail, Vantage, these are all names that we immediately associate to Barrell Bourbon. I’m excited to bring back two guests on the show, Joe Beatrice and Tripp Stimson, to talk about hitting their 10 year anniversary. Joe and Tripp reflect on their early vision for the company and how it’s evolved from figuring out budgets and spending, learning from early batches, and how their decision to not follow the bourbon playbook of building a brand has been a success for them. We talk about expanding their facilities with a new rickhouse, reading consumer habits and trends, where the company will be next, and even Amburana. It’s a fascinating look at the past decade and future vision of this fast-growing brand.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the difference between sourcing and contract distilling?
  • 10 years ago, what was your vision for the company and how has that changed?
  • What was your budget and figuring out where to spend the money?
  • What the early feedback with those initial pitches and sourcing?
  • Has the consumer switched from chasing states to chasing flavor?
  • Did anyone tell you that going with cask strength was a bad idea?
  • What have you learned from Batch 001 and do you feel the product has gotten better over time?
  • How do you look at consumer habits and plan accordingly?
  • Why did you come up with the derived mash bill?
  • What is it about Amburana that you like or that can benefit in your blends?
  • What are your new facilities like?
  • Talk about the Yellowstone rickhouse you purchased?
  • What does the next 10 years look like for you all?
  • Do you feel like like your model is a hard target for an acquisition?
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