436 – Is Big Bourbon Just Better? on Bourbon Community Roundtable #87

It’s Bourbon Community Roundtable #87 and this one dives into a single topic that has perplexed me over the past few months. It seems that there are only a handful of brands people talk about yet there are over 2000 distilleries across the US. I would like to think the stigma of craft is changing but my newsfeed is always talking about the same select few.  What makes us always gravitate to the big 6 or perhaps we should refer to as the big 7 now? Is it accessibility because it’s on the shelf or could be on your shelf pending allocation? Is it marketing and the big brands can throw their weight around at the distributor level? Or is Big Bourbon just better than craft?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about mocktails
  • Is big bourbon just better than everything else?
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One thought on “436 – Is Big Bourbon Just Better? on Bourbon Community Roundtable #87

  1. I am sorry, I want a good bourbon for a good price. I have tried craft bourbon & been disappointed on more than one occasion. I stick to larger brands for consistency.

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