430 – Has the Bourbon Glut Arrived? with Jeremy Dever

At this point, if you’ve been listening to the show then you know there is a whole world of investor barrels and there is plenty of talk about a bourbon bubble burst and market saturation. For that reason, I’ve invited Jeremy Dever on the show. I’ve known Jeremy for a few years and he’s a wealth of knowledge and has a pulse on the market. He got his start working with Steve Thompson at Kentucky Artisan Distillery and transitioned to brokering barrels for investors without brands. We discuss barrel values, overproduction issues, and if now is a good time to launch a new brand or if it’s too late. It’s a reality check for many people because the modern day bourbon glut may have arrived.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about leading a quick bourbon tasting.
  • How did you meet Steve Thompson and get into the spirits business?
  • What was your role at Kentucky Artisan Distillery?
  • At what point did you get into the barrel brokering market?
  • What do investors with barrels do when they don’t have brands?
  • What is the benchmark for barrels when figuring out the value?
  • Should investors think about acquiring brands to sell the barrels?
  • Now are investor barrels being held on to wait for higher ages?
  • What are we going to do with overproduction and all the stillage?
  • Is the best time or the worst time to start a bourbon brand?
  • When will see the open barrel market start to level out?
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