423 – Would Bourbon Be Popular Without Buffalo Trace?

The bourbon boom of the last decade has seen many distilleries trying to create a consumer frenzy around their brands. But few have succeeded like Buffalo Trace. This cult-like following seemed to come out of nowhere, taking Buffalo Trace from a solid but unremarkable distillery to a whiskey giant. So I ask the question that was so graciously given to us by a former Above The Char submitter, would bourbon be popular without Buffalo Trace? Other Sazerac-owned brands like Eagle Rare and E.H. Taylor have also benefitted from the company’s popularity. But is it all manufactured hype? Buffalo Trace insists they simply can’t keep up with demand, yet they continually make headlines for holding back new releases. And all this frenzy has been created with minimal advertising. Whether it’s real scarcity or strategic rationing, Buffalo Trace has created a thirst that no other bourbon company can match.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the end of bourbon hunting
  • What other bourbon companies were trying to get a consumer ground swell?
  • Why has the entire Buffalo Trace portfolio turned into something people chase?
  • Was Buffalo Trace ever on your radar?
  • Is this attributed to tying Weller to Pappy?
  • Did Buffalo Trace create a FOMO line to draw people in?
  • Are other brands benefiting from the Sazerac popularity?
  • Is there a scarcity play or do they really not have the stocks?
  • How are they making national headlines for not releasing bottles?
  • Where has Buffalo Trace advertised because it hasn’t been much?
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