420 – What’s a Cigar Batch? and Finished Whiskeys as Special Releases on Bourbon Community Roundtable #83

It’s everyone’s favorite, Bourbon Community Roundtable, and this is the 83rd edition. This episode gets, we’ll say passionate at times because this is tackling the craze of finishes. The first topic is the seemingly abundance of “cigar” blend or batch bourbons. Why is this so attractive? Can’t anything be called a cigar blend? I thought the whole point of a good cigar and a good bourbon is because they already naturally pair well. That of course spins into some amburana talk and you know how that ends up. In the second half of the show, I turn my attention to the major distilleries who are putting out finishes as limited or special releases. These distilleries have an abundance of really good bourbon, so why play the game of finished when you can rely on something like a special release with a double digit age statement?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) having a whiskey trust.
  • What does “cigar blend” really mean?
  • Who here likes amburana?
  • Why do the major distilleries release finished bourbon when they have a bunch of really good inventory?
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