418 – Brand Mysticism with Aaron Goldfarb and Steven Grasse

What attracts you to a brand? It’s that unexplainable underpinning called Brand Mysticism. I’m joined by author, Aaron Goldfarb and brand icon builder Steve Grasse to talk about this very subject they happened to publish a book on called Brand Mysticism. Steve has a lot of feathers in his cap such as being the brains behind Hendrix gin and Sailor Jerry rum. These aren’t typical brands like we see in bourbon but this book is how to brand almost anything. It’s a teaser into figuring out how to transform an idea into a brand, evolve an existing brand, and even some of the best lessons to take away in the book. Plus, we even dive into the brand mysticism behind Pappy Van Winkle.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about other spirits to be curious about
  • Give an update to your backgrounds and how you got into spirits
  • How do you transform an idea, such as a tshirt, into a brand?
  • Can you just make up a brand today without a deep story?
  • Do we need celebrities in the alcohol industry?
  • What was the basis of the book?
  • How do you constantly evolve a brand and adapt to lifestyle changes?
  • What are some of those great lessons you’ve learned from Steve?
  • How does Pappy fall into Brand Mysticism?
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