416 – Who Needs $500 Bottles and Distillery Tasting Kits on Bourbon Community Roundtable #82

It’s another great episode of The Bourbon Community Roundtable and this is the 82nd edition. Over the past few weeks Jack Daniel’s has made its case against a dog toy manufacturer all the way to the Supreme Court. There’s no better time than the present to have Brian Harra of Sipp’n Corn break it down into what this means for parody law and for anyone else trying to infringe on a trademark. Then we dive in with our first topic with expensive bottles of bourbon. I’m not talking secondary, I’m talking like $500 bottles. The idea came to me when I saw lots of people dismissing the new Daniel Weller release because it’s 11 years old and only 4 proof points higher than Weller 12, but Buffalo Trace is putting a price tag that is 900% higher. Does bourbon need $500 bottles? In the second half we look at distillery tasting kits. Four Roses recently announced theirs and people are already getting amped up for it. However, many distilleries have done this in the past and failed. Has the time come when we could see this trend start to take off?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about what distillery could overtake Buffalo Trace’s Antique Collection.
  • Talk about the Jack Daniel’s case against the dog toy manufacturer.
  • Does bourbon need $500 bottles?
  • Do you think distillery tasting kits will take off?
  • Why have tasting kits failed in the past?
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