413 – How To Make a Whiskey RTD with Flavorman

You hear Ryan and I talk about RTDs or Ready To Drink canned cocktails on This Week in Bourbon all the time and here’s the reason why. Most of us got our start into bourbon by mixing it with coke or ginger ale. The modern day drinker is finding their path through cocktails. And now that the seltzer craze has hit, getting your first taste of bourbon through a RTD can be the new gateway. There is one company based in Louisville that has been the go-to company for every drinks company across the country for creating flavored whiskeys, energy drinks, and even RTDs, and that’s Flavorman. Brad Nichols and Jordan Plappert from Flavorman join the show as we get a deep-dive into how flavors are developed and how do we begin creating a bourbon-based RTD. It’s a fascinating show about conception of ideas, how we can keep sugar volume in check, and how big your pocket book needs to be to get started.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about growing older and your senses.
  • How did you progress into the drinks business?
  • What’s the general overview of Flavorman?
  • How do you create or discover new flavors?
  • Where do you start when creating a spirit-based RTD?
  • What does conception look like for a bourbon-based RTD?
  • What difference goes into creating a RTD vs a flavored whiskey?
  • Can explain the difference in the type of can used based on the metal or material?
  • Why are whiskey based RTDs higher in alcohol versus seltzer based?
  • Is malt based cheaper versus spirit based?
  • How do you reduce sugar volume for those that are health conscious?
  • How do you choose a product that is ready to pour in a bottle versus in a can?
  • How do you stabilize an ingredient so it doesn’t separate and the shelf life?
  • What can you offer to customers to get products on shelves sooner?
  • What’s the initial cost to just start the conversation?
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