411 – The Most Traveled Man in Whiskey with Drew Hannush of Whiskey Lore

How many distillery tours have you been on? 2? 5? Maybe 20? Well, you can’t even touch our guest today. Drew Hannush is the author of multiple books including Experiencing Kentucky Bourbon, Experiencing Irish Whiskey, and new one coming soon on Tennessee. He has his own whiskey podcast called Whiskey Lore but, he has also visited over 250 distilleries across the world. That’s a ton of miles traveled. We dig into his passion and why he continues to visit distilleries and even re-visit some. Then we discuss how he doesn’t get fatigued because sometimes it’s a lot of the same process and story told over and over again. Then we dive into some hidden gems across Kentucky and even talk about the boom of craft distilleries and if he plans on hitting every single one.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about barrel shortage.
  • What got you into the deep-dive of whiskey?
  • How do you not get fatigued listening to a similar story every time?
  • Did you find out where the name bourbon came from?
  • What stands out when visiting Kentucky distilleries?
  • How are some distilleries rewarding drivers versus those who are traveling to try a bunch of whiskey?
  • How are you approaching all the different whiskeys with an open mind?
  • How many brands outside of American Whiskey are sourcing whiskey?
  • What keeps you interested to keep going back and revisiting distilleries?
  • What are the hidden gems that people don’t know about?
  • Now that all these craft distilleries are popping up across the US is the goal to hit them all?
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