409 – Are Cask Finishes Going to Follow The Craft Beer Craze?

Where did it all go wrong? Or maybe it’s not even wrong, but secondary cask finished bourbons seems to all the rage. What used to be a means of innovation has turned into a chase to find the most exotic woods and multi-cask finishes to keep fans asking, what’s next? In this episode, Ryan, Fred, and myself dive into the history of cask finishes and question whether double oaked bourbons are still considered pure bourbon. We wonder why don’t consumers ask more questions to hold companies responsible about the finishing processes and potential quality drops. Lastly, I drop a bomb about SKU sprawl and what will happen when larger companies create more finishes that will squeeze out shelf space for smaller brands.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about buying dusty bourbon
  • What’s your fascination with Liquid Death?
  • Where did cask finishes really begin?
  • How can you trust what a brand does with their whiskey behind the scenes?
  • Why don’t consumers question the process?
  • Are double oaked bourbons still considered pure bourbon?
  • Is it the producer or the consumer problem because there is a chase for the next thing?
  • Is barrel finishing the only way to differentiate yourself from other brands?
  • Is the quality going to drop soon because of the distillate being used?
  • What happens when companies with large stocks create more SKUs and take over more shelf space?
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