408 – Single Rickhouse Bottlings and Fixing Single Barrel Saturation on Bourbon Community Roundtable #80

We’ve got two juicy topics to tackle so here’s what we’ve got. Last year we saw the release of Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse limited edition offering. That sparked a Vine Pair article that asked if single rickhouse bottlings will be the next big thing? I wanted to challenge that a bit and figure out if we really think there are varied flavor profiles based on rickhouses or are they cherry-picking barrels to make another marketing angle. In the second half of the show we discuss the current state of single barrels. They are flooded on shelves across the nation and they aren’t selling like they used to. How will this get fixed or is this a side-effect of the COVID buying frenzy?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about entry proof.
  • Are single rickhouse bottlings going to be the next big thing?
  • Do different rickhouses provide different flavor profiles or is this a marketing angle?
  • How will we fix the abundance of single barrel offerings on the shelves across the nation?
  • Is this a side effect of the covid buying frenzy?
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