404 – RNDC Responds To Sazerac’s Lawsuit and When Will We See More Anti-Counterfeit Seals? on Bourbon Community Roundtable #79

It’s everyone’s monthly favorite, the bourbon community roundtable where we invite some of the brightest minds in bourbon media to come on and go deep on some topics. And up first is the story that keeps on giving. Earlier this year Sazerac came out of the gate putting a $38.6M lawsuit in front of Republic National Distributing Company (known as RNDC). Now here we are a few weeks later and we get RNDC’s response where they are countersuing for Sazerac’s attempts at undermining the three-tier system and claiming over $10M in damages. In the second half of the show we dig into the increase of counterfeit bourbon bottles on the market and these bottles aren’t even super rare. We’re talking Four Roses Single Barrels and Weller Full Proof. Should distilleries step up and have more tamper-proof seals or is this a buyer beware type of situation? We’ve said it a million times on the show before, if you want to help combat the spread of these fakes, throw away your bottles by putting sharpie on the label or even go as far as breaking them. Don’t be that person selling empties on eBay.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about single barrel programs.
  • What impact will the Sazerac/RNDC lawsuit have on the bourbon industry?
  • When will we see more anti-counterfeit seals?
  • Who is responsible for preventing counterfeits?
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