402 – What is Bourbon’s Biggest Threat?

Bourbon’s rise in popularity has been a monumental shift in consumer behavior, but the reality is that it could all come crashing down really quick. Ryan, Fred, and Kenny spend some time on this episode and think about what are those threats to bourbon? We all have ideas on why it became so popular but what are those outside influences that we have no control over? Fred gives a brief history on the bourbon glut era and that starts spurring other ideas that could hurt bourbon’s popularity such as overzealous health advocates, new spirits on the rise, government taxes, or the next generation of consumers?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about heritage brands.
  • Is there an issue with grains, raw material, and barrel shortages?
  • How has the lack of staffing in the service industry impacted bourbon?
  • What caused the first glut and what can we do to prevent that?
  • Did tariffs make an impact on bourbon or was it not really hindered?
  • Are health reports becoming a scare tactic to reduce alcohol consumption?
  • Is there any spirits that could be the next rise of vodka and kill whiskey?
  • Could taxes be a big burden on stifling bourbon?
  • Could the next generation just not like bourbon and kill it off?
  • What happens if bourbon producers have too much greed or there is consumer fatigue?
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