401 – Analyzing the Bourbon Market with Dixon Dedman

The stock market and the bourbon market share one thing in common. They are both impossible to time. If you get in at the right time, maybe you don’t have to wait tens of years to make a return on your investment, but if you’re too late then you could see a decline. However, in bourbon, there seems to be one person that has time working in his favor, and that’s Dixon Dedman. We invite Dixon to come on the show for a third appearance to talk about a few things because it seems like his timing is always perfect. He sold Kentucky Owl to Stoli after being on the market a short period of time, but now that he is officially done with Kentucky Owl we ask him about how he feels and what he learned through the process. After leaving Stoli, he worked with The Brindiamo Group, who we also had on the podcast back on episode 182, and he worked for them for a short period of time where he got an inside glimpse into brand and investment consulting. And now, he’s launching his own brand called 2XO which is perfect in this current climate when bourbon is hot and double barreling might be even hotter.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about rubbing whiskey on your hands to nose.
  • Are you still making fried chicken on the weekends?
  • Do you have any regrets after selling Kentucky Owl to Stoli?
  • What did you take away and learn from working with Stoli?
  • How did your relationship with Brindiamo begin?
  • How many barrels are there on the open market where people are flipping them?
  • What profiles or types of bourbon do you like to work with?
  • Is 2XO and Kentucky Owl going to be similar or different?
  • Is there a healthy pipeline of barrels to continue building the brand?
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One thought on “401 – Analyzing the Bourbon Market with Dixon Dedman

  1. Thank you!
    Just recently came to your ptlrogramming.

    I used to go to visit Mr Russell for ~3 years (regularly touring and even upstairs to discuss the day’s run and share stories…) was a student at Transy in Lexington

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