397 – Should Whiskey Be An Investment?

Most people get into bourbon because we enjoy it. There is a story behind every bottle and that captivates us. But then there are times we get our hands on a bottle and start thinking twice before opening it. The secondary market for scotch has been around a while but bourbon is relatively new in comparison. There has been an increase of rare bourbons hitting high dollars at auctions and even more auction houses are starting to become legal. In this episode, Ryan, Fred, and Kenny analyze the bourbon market and give our opinions on why whiskey isn’t just for drinking anymore. We also gaze into our crystal ball and try to guess on some brands that have potential future value and then we talk about moving on from flipping bottles to flipping barrels.

Show Notes:

  • Is whiskey really made for drinking and not collecting?
  • Why is the value of the current whiskey market starting to decline?
  • Is there a lack of marketing to get people into more higher end bottles?
  • What are we drinking now that could be valuable in the future?
  • People have moved on from bottles to starting to own barrels, is that a safe investment?
  • Do you need to worry about the source of the barrels if you’re buying on the open market?
  • For real, this is not financial advice.
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