392 – What Does Sazerac Leaving RNDC Mean For Everyone? and 2023 Predictions on Bourbon Community Roundtable #76

It’s Bourbon Community Roundtable #76 and this is one I’m excited to talk about because as you’re well aware, building a brand requires choosing the right distribution partners. The big shake up of the past few weeks is that Sazerac is pulling out of Republic National Distributing Company in favor of smaller, more mid-tier, and beer focused distributors in around 30 different states. So, we want to ask the roundtable a few questions. First, what would motivate Sazerac to break up this long-standing relationship? If you are a distributor that got selected, what problems are you going to experience. And lastly, as a consumer are we going to see any change like finding Pappy on the shelf at MSRP. Spoiler alert… the answer is no. Since it’s the first roundtable of 2023, we all put in our predictions and see what the future holds for bourbon this year.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about dry January.
  • Sazerac is leaving RNDC. What does this mean for Sazerac?
  • Sazerac goes with mid-tier distributors. How do distirbutors adapt and what happens to other brands?
  • Does Sazerac leaving RNDC mean anything for the end consumer?
  • What are your 2023 predictions?
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4 thoughts on “392 – What Does Sazerac Leaving RNDC Mean For Everyone? and 2023 Predictions on Bourbon Community Roundtable #76

  1. We the consumers and customers really need to fully understand exactly the reason break-thru now has sazerac products,all bullshit aside because we spend tons of money on these products,even if we have to go outside the USA for other more comparable bourbon its a choice that must be taken into account,is it really worth all this bullshit,moving back and forth,no pappy????

  2. Since when is breakthru beverage a mid size wholesaler? They handle diageo and gallo just to name a few. And they carry just a handful of beers so I am not sure where you get your info from.

  3. I own couple of liquor stores in south Texas and I am not happy with this move at all . I am a wholesaler who sells to bars and restaurants and looking for anything different than sazerac products for my customers now

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