391 – Tequila Pursuit with Alfonso Esquivias of Drinks with Fonz

If you listen to our Friday show called This Week in Bourbon, you would hear us talking about tequila being the next rising spirit. I mean, who doesn’t like a good margarita? Much like bourbon, there is a lot to know about what goes into making the spirit. To help explain all that, we’ve invited Alfonso Esquivias, the Founder and Owner of Drinks with Fonz. Alfonso sent Ryan and I 12 different tequilas to sample them as we go through to know more about them. It was a lot of tequila but I promise you that I have a much deeper appreciation for tequila after this. Alfonso talks about the laws to be called a tequila and we dive into the process of harvesting agave and distilling it. We then tackle the touchy subject of how many tequilas on the market are full of additives like sugar and how you shouldn’t trust many celebrity brands as well. Listen closely to the brands we talk about during the show so you know which ones are additive-free and legit.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the popularity of Buffalo Trace
  • How did you get into spirits in general?
  • What restrictions are in place to be called a tequila?
  • Can you describe an agave plant?
  • Can you explain the differences between blanco, reposado, and anejo?
  • In bourbon you will never see anyone claim they like un-aged bourbon but why is that with tequila?
  • How do you know which brands have additives?
  • What are all tequilas in the 80-90 proof range?
  • What is the typical proof off the still?
  • Who is the MGP of tequila?
  • So what makes something like Jose Cuervo mass-market or bottom shelf?
  • Is saying “using tequila as a mixer” considered blasphemy?
  • Does a particular agave field have different effect on the flavor like grapes with wine?
  • How do you know when an agave plant is ready for harvesting?
  • Does price point increase when proof increases?
  • Do all celebrity tequilas have additives or are considered crap?
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Get the list of Tequilas tasted on the show!

6 thoughts on “391 – Tequila Pursuit with Alfonso Esquivias of Drinks with Fonz

  1. I have been listening to your podcast for a while, and I really enjoy it. You guys are great and really seem honest and down to earth.
    This was very interesting. I would like a list of the tequilas you tasted in the order tasted so I can follow along.
    Thanks for a great podcast!

  2. Although my number one go-to spirit is Bourbon, this was a great topic. I knew very little about tequila and now I know so much more. I would love for you guys to do the exact same thing with a rum podcast. I have had a few rums and I’m wanting to learn more about it as well. Thank you for this great podcast. Awesome stuff Fonz!

  3. Absolutely loved the show as I do all of them. Lots of good information and wanted to share what I’ve learned on the age statements. While on a tour at Ironroot distillery I asked Robert Likarish about the biases against Texas Bourbon being young ages while Kentucky, Ireland, Scotland much older aged products. He shared that the aging should be considered on a spectrum related to aging and heat. The warmer the climates in Texas age “faster” than those further north and he used tequila extra anejo 3 year as something at near the end of aging for tequila in Mexico where as KY bourbon sweet spot for many is 12-15 years.

    Great work Fonzo!!!

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