390 – The Return of JW (Wally) Dant into Distilling with Wally Dant of Log Still Distillery

If you’ve been around bourbon long enough, then you know the name JW Dant. That’s because the Dant name is equivalent to bourbon royalty as it is steeped in history. But there is another Dant that is wanting to bring his family name back into the distilling business and that’s JW Dant, or better known as Wally Dant from Log Still Distillery. Wally joins the show to talk about his upbringing and how some early career choices he made early on put him in the fortunate position to revive life into Gesthamane Kentucky where he is building his own legacy in the bourbon business.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about the American single malt category
  • Was there ever a moment where you realized bourbon was a part of your DNA?
  • What have you discovered about understanding about your heritage?
  • Who was the last person, in your family tree, to work at a distillery?
  • What was your focus of study at Purdue?
  • How did you progress in your career and businesses that you sold?
  • How do you transition from selling your business to figuring out what to do next?
  • When did you decide to make the investment from sourcing Tennessee whiskey to breaking ground on a distillery?
  • What was the inspiration for putting a focus on rebuilding the community in Gethsemane?
  • Did the lawsuit with Heaven Hill over your name come into play early on?
  • What does 5th district mean on your Monk’s Road label?
  • What’s your plan on having your whiskey be different than anyone else’s?
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