389 – Will Celebrities Help or Hurt Bourbon?

For the longest time, celebrities have been getting into the spirits industry. It first started off as being a spokesperson and putting a recognizable face to a brand. Now, many celebrities are coming out with their own bottles, and bourbon is no exception. In this episode, we look at many of the celebrity bourbon brands that have emerged over the past few years and analyze them. Does a celebrity care about the quality of the whiskey? Are they just in it for an added revenue stream? Are there any good ones? But we ultimately want to know if celebrities will help bourbon or hurt bourbon.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about his favorite 4th grain used in American Whiskey
  • Do distilleries need a celebrity spokesperson anymore?
  • Is a celebrity comes out with a young bourbon does that hurt the category?
  • Are celebrities just getting into it for another revenue stream?
  • Should be skeptical of having a celebrity attached to a bourbon distillery?
  • If a celebrity bourbon brand blows up, will unassuming people think that’s what bourbon is supposed to taste like?
  • Is there an example of any celebrity bourbon that is actually really good or high quality?
  • What are the good things that come from having a celebrity whiskey?
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