388 – Is There A Small Brand Problem? and 2022 Prediction Results on Bourbon Community Roundtable #75

Its Bourbon Community Roundtable #75 and in this episode we focus on one major topic and then end the show looking back at this year in bourbon. Last week, the team at Breaking bourbon came out with an article called Does Bourbon Have A Small Brand Problem. It was a fascinating article because it talks about many of the interesting things we see about craft brands. Are people only interested interested in heritage brands? Is there a big knowledge gap? Is this a problem because of the unfair playing field with the three tier system? Are there too many choices or do brands just lack hype? In the last part of the show, I revisit all of our 2022 predictions to see who got it right and who got it wrong.

Show Notes:

  • Does bourbon have a small brand problem?
  • Are small brands at an inherit disadvantage?
  • Do brands need a level of hype to survive?
  • Is there a lack of trust or knowledge?
  • What was your 2022 prediction and did you get it right?
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2 thoughts on “388 – Is There A Small Brand Problem? and 2022 Prediction Results on Bourbon Community Roundtable #75

  1. This is a really interesting episode for me because one craft whiskey is what really opened my eyes to what whiskey can be! It was Revolution Rye by Mad River Distillers in Vermont – 100% rye mash bill, aged only one year, and tastes like STRAIGHT UP COFFEE and mocha. Gave a bottle to my parents and they thought it tasted like maple. It is now both mine and my parents favorite whiskey of all time. And I’m just tasting and buying new things to find something with coffee and chocolate notes in it, and have gotten really into just trying everything even when it doesn’t have those notes. But that’s really what opened the door to me. I already liked bourbon but I was happy to stick with Four Roses prior to that!

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