383 – Penny & Sparrow Pick a Barrel

Our typical guests range from Master Distillers to other industry experts and pundits, but on the rare occasion I find a guest that breaks our norm and gives another view into the world of bourbon. Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke make up the folk music duo Penny & Sparrow. Their original appearance on the show was on Episode 228 where we got to know the guys and their love of bourbon. This time I caught them on their post-pandemic tour through Louisville and had them do their first ever Pursuit Series barrel selection. We talk about lyrical inspiration and video games and I lead them through five whiskey samples as they narrow down their choice. Without giving too much of it away, if you are interested in a bottle from this selection it’s available on Seelbachs.com for a limited time until it’s sold out. It is a single barrel after all!

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about why bourbon is called bourbon
  • How did your project go with Oak and Eden?
  • Do you get a good mix of bourbon and rye in the green room before a show?
  • Talk about Need You on your latest album
  • Do you record a riff or write down a lyric and then find a match between the two?
  • Why did you choose to use claymation for your Cheyenne music video?
  • Did you take the pandemic as a time to reconnect with music or decompress?
  • How does video game soundtracks inspire you?
  • What’s the best video game console ever created?
  • How do you narrow down a barrel selection?
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