377 – Architecting A Bourbon Distillery with Cash and Eric of Joseph & Joseph + Bravura

You may remember back on Episode 334 we talked about the engineering that goes into a distillery, but we forgot to start off with a key component, and that’s the architecture. A quick google search for distillery architects will lead you to one place, Joseph, & Joseph + Bravura. This architecture firm is synonymous with creating the most iconic distillery and visitor center experiences across Kentucky. They got their start by designing Four Roses back in 1909 and have since then been the lead architects on places like Old Forester in downtown Louisville, Bardstown Bourbon Co, Michter’s, LuxRow, Angel’s Envy and so many more. We’re joined by Cash Moter and Eric Huelsman who are both partners in the firm. We discuss the history of the firm and then we dive into what it takes to architect a distillery. Where to start and how do you design around constraints.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) ask what would happen if prohibition never happened
  • How did you all become the premier place to go for architecting distilleries?
  • How did the two firms come together?
  • What other focuses did Joseph and Joseph have when bourbon was slow?
  • Would you rather rehab something old or have a blank canvas?
  • How does a conversation start about where to begin the process of architecting a distillery?
  • How do you determine placement and arranging the tasting bar vs the still vs the bathrooms?
  • How much influence does the customer have vs creative ideas you all have?
  • What are some bad architectural ideas that haven’t seen the light of day?
  • Who’s idea was it to start building rickhouse walls out of glass?
  • What constraints do you typically have to work with?
  • What was your initial reaction to the bourbon pyramids?
  • How do you blend in old world and new world architecture?
  • Do you have all the blueprints from the early 1900s for some distilleries?
  • Do you envision being the one stop for having a distillery architect team?
  • Can you have an AirBNB inside of a distillery?
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