374 – Why Should Brands Pay Attention to TikTok? with Logan and Mac Hanes of Basement Rickhouse

Every few years there is a technology that will revolutionize society. I’ve personally grown up with the invention of social media when you had to have a university email address to sign up for facebook. Social media trends shift over time. Twitter came on strong by cramming as much information as possible into 140 characters, sharing images wasn’t new but filters is what took Instagram to new heights. But now short form video with TikTok is the new craze. I’ve been a fan of this platform but I wanted to invite Logan and Mac Hanes of Basement Rickhouse on the show because they are one of my favorite bourbon TikTok accounts. There’s no shortage of people doing whiskey reviews or top 10s on TikTok but Logan and Mac will speak to this audience because their key to success is story telling with bourbon history. We talk about their account and success but we also touch on why this is no longer a platform for dancing teenager, but it’s time that brands need to start paying attention to TikTok.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about gift ideas
  • What was your bourbon journey like that got you to this point?
  • As a Buffalo Trace tour guide, how do you keep learning new information?
  • How did you train yourself be on the tasting panel at Buffalo Trace?
  • Why did you make TikTok your platform of choice?
  • Why do we not see more brands try TikTok?
  • What have you found that helps videos go a bit viral?
  • Are you diving into more bourbon history to create your content?
  • How often do distilleries ask you to not share a TikTok?
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