372 – Lines vs Lotteries, Bourbon Hall of Fame Criteria, and the Cheapest Bottle To Own on Bourbon Community Roundtable #71

It’s Bourbon Community Roundtable #71 where we are joined by the likes of all of our friends to talk about some hot topics in the recent bourbon news. Up first, we discuss lotteries vs lines. Now that Old Forester and Four Roses have announced they are no longer going to sell their limited birthday bourbon and small batch editions in the gift shop to local Kentuckians from people camping out, it has moved to a nationwide sweepstakes where anyone can enter. So, is this the beginning of the end for waiting in lines for bourbon? The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame is inducting six new people. There is criteria to make it, but what criteria would we consider to be in our hall of fame? Lastly, we look at an old topic which is what is the cheapest bottle you need to own?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about whiskey for medicinal purposes
  • Is Waiting in Line Dead?
  • What’s the criteria for the Bourbon Hall of Fame?
  • What is the cheapest bottle worth having?
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