370 – Evolving a Modern Bourbon Brand with Kaveh Zamanian of Rabbit Hole

Every brand finds their path. Some will talk about their grains sourced right on their farm. Some will rely on a historical figure from decades ago. But for Rabbit Hole, it’s been about being a modern brand. Kaveh Zamanian makes his return to the show to talk about how the brand has changed in the few years since we had him on last. We discuss how their brand and liquid has evolved, how they are reaching into new demographics, his take on their new series of high end innovations and collaborations and a past time favorite of all of ours, dusty hunting.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about being Fred Minnick
  • Why don’t you go by Doctor Z?
  • Did you originally intend the distillery to be built for Fred to have a 24-hour fermentation sleepover?
  • Is the location of the distillery challenged by location since it’s in a popular location?
  • What are you doing to keep up with demand?
  • Are you positioning yourself as a modern brand?
  • Has the consumer mindset changed over the past few years now that the brand has grown?
  • How do you collect your demographic data?
  • What approach are you taking that you have such a high female consumer-base?
  • How were you able to create no market confusion with your expressions?
  • Why do you have a fascination with malting?
  • Can you tell from the malting process that something will work or do you have to see it all the way through?
  • What makes your 10 year blend and the 16 year french oak release special?
  • What does the Founder’s Collection mean to you as this was introduced?
  • How did you get hooked up with Starlino?
  • Are there barriers to entry as you grow and expand into international markets?
  • Are bartenders or stores the best way to spend your resources for getting to market?
  • How has your dusty hunting collection going?
  • Are you trying to recreate some of your favorite dusties?
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