364 – Is Jackie Zykan replaceable? King’s County vs Irish Whiskey, and Can Stickers Violate Copyright? on Bourbon Community Roundtable #69

I know you’ve missed it, but the roundtable is back for another big show talking about spicy topics. The big news of Jackie Zykan leaving Old Forester made waves in the bourbon world. Is she a replaceable asset to Brown-Forman and what happens with the 117 series? King’s County and the Irish Whiskey Association are in a battle over the use of “irish-style” whiskey on the label. Who should give an inch here? Would we be up in arms if someone outside the US used “bourbon-style” on their label? And there’s always more sticker talk but this time we go over the use of copyright and trademarks on different distilleries bottles.

Show Notes:

  • Jackie Zykan is leaving Old Forester. What do we think will happen to the brand? Is she replaceable?
  • King’s County and the Irish Whiskey Association are in a battle. King’s County created an “irish-style” whiskey and the IWA sent a cease and desist. What would we think if a distillery in Ireland created a “bourbon-style” whiskey and put that on the label?
  • Stickers are going less than subtle now. In the case of copyright issues, should distilleries start caring more?
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