360 – The Secret To Finding Great Bourbon… And What Not To Do

We are skipping the roundtable this month because of Memorial Day timing so I wanted to bring another great session that we had at our Whiskey From Home event. I’m joined by David Jennings of RareBird101, Caroline Paulus of The Bourbon Review and Justin’s House of Bourbon, and Pops from Bourbon & Banter as we talk about the secret to finding great bourbon, but at the same time, what are the fatal flaws people make when hunting. This was streamed to over 50k people and if you want to watch all the replays just head over to whiskeyfromhome.com.

Show Notes:

  • What is the current state of affair for hunting limited edition bourbons?
  • Is this a good time to be hunting rare bourbon?
  • Are single barrel selections today’s unicorn?
  • Does it take good friends and connections?
  • What are good options on how you can find really good whiskey today?
  • Are you looking for off-profile or something that will sell for single barrels?
  • What are the cardinal sins of hunting bourbon?
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