354 – A Yeast Lesson and All About Thomas S Moore with Danny Kahn of Barton 1792

There’s nothing better than getting a fan of the show back on the program… but that fan also happens to be a master distiller at one of the most recognizable names in the kentucky distilling industry. Danny Kahn join us once again to talk about a few topics that we’re all interested in hearing about. We cover the 1792 barrel program, then we take a hard left turn talking about yeast for a bit, so if you love the science behind bourbon, make sure to pay attention. and we end up going through a tasting and talking about the 2022 release of Thomas S Moore, the brand Danny is in charge of releasing every year using extra aged barrel finishes. And when we say extra aged, we’re not talking aged for 6 months in an additional cask, we’re talking years!

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks taking a break from bourbon for a couple months
  • How many barrels are allocated to the 1792 barrel program?
  • How many barrels are going towards private label partners?
  • If you can’t meet demand, how much more do you need to produce?
  • Are you still using the same yeast from the 60’s?
  • Is it intentional to pick a yeast based on the flavor it will produce?
  • What is the percentage impact of yeast on flavor?
  • Tell us a bit of history of Thomas S Moore?
  • Where in the ricks are these barrels resting?
  • What kind of sherry casks were you using in this release?
  • What barrels are next?
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