349 – When Can We Stop Bunkering? with Mark Rucker of The Bourbon Life

Many of you are listening to this show and you’re starting to build your collection of bourbon. I was in your same shoes years ago and I would come home from the liquor store every week with a new bottle when I wasn’t even 10% done with the bottle I bought the previous week. That same process goes on, you learn about limited editions, the hunt really begins, the credit card points really start rolling in, and before you know it you have a bunker of bourbon. I’m joined by Mark Rucker of The Bourbon Life to talk about bunkering and when can there ever be enough. We talk about the upper limits of purchasing, bottle prices, and folks who purchase just for the investment purpose. There’s more topics that we dive into such as tactics used by marketing teams to always drive limited releases and how some brands are creating confusion to consumers. But the question remains, will we ever need to stop bunkering bourbon?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about whiskey gift giving.
  • How many bottles do you have in your collection?
  • Can you expense your bourbon purchases as business expenses?
  • At what point do you say you have enough single barrel selections of a certain brand?
  • Is it harder to open the last bottle from a barrel pick you were on?
  • Marriages are supposed to be a 50/50 relationship. Does your better half buy you bottles?
  • Is there something in us that says “is there ever enough to stop”?
  • Is there an upper limit such as maxing out your bar?
  • Is there a problem with people who just want to collect to eventually sell?
  • Do the vast majority of distilleries need to slow down on limited releases?
  • Should people be going crazy for Russell’s Reserve 13 year?
  • Does creating more colors of Weller continually feed the animal?
  • What brand does a good job of having a lot of labels but doesn’t create confusion?
  • Is this strategy seen as a disservice to the consumer?
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