327 – Is Bourbon Broken? Part 4: Consumer Trends based off Bourbon & Banter

It’s the final episode in our 4 part series of “Is Bourbon Broken?” based on the Bourbon and Banter blog series. We’ve looked at the consumer, secondary market, distribution and retail, but this time we are looking back at the consumer from a different angle by evaluating purchasing trends. The market is changing and now there are craft distillers, younger age statements, and NDPs with price tags 10x the cost of what the original producer charges. So what continues to drive this behavior?

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Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about pour spouts.
  • Are we seeing an overabundance of options on the market?
  • Why are consumers drawn towards brands that are selling younger MGP?
  • Are consumers being manipulated?
  • As bourbon enthusiasts, why are we compelled to try new products even though they might not actually be new?
  • Why is bourbon so polarizing?
  • Is there a reason that more distilleries or NDPs shouldn’t be putting out new products at a higher price point?
  • As the bourbon pie grows larger, will there be more room for super premium bourbons that hit that $300+ price point?

One thought on “327 – Is Bourbon Broken? Part 4: Consumer Trends based off Bourbon & Banter

  1. Great series fellas. Good information and lots to think about. This industry and hobby is so nuanced and multi-faceted its an intriguing rabbit hole, that I continue to find myself fascinated by the sheer volume of factors and opinions neither right, nor wrong.

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