309 – Slowly Rocking Bourbon on Barges with Hank Ingram

The name Ingram may ring some bells. If you are in the tech space, you may have heard of Ingram Micro. If you are in logistics you may know Ingram Barge Company. If you are in the Nashville area, the name Ingram is well known for philanthropy. And now, Ingram is taking on bourbon. We’re joined by Hank Ingram, the founder of Ingram River Aged Whiskey. The concept is pretty simple. Take a bunch of barges they own, put a bunch of bourbon barrels on it, and let them age in a floating warehouse. Hank tells us more about his family, what led him to start this company, and the legal hurdles you face when you are trying to store thousands of gallons of bourbon on a river.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about dusties.
  • What was your favorite video game growing up?
  • Tell us about your family history.
  • How did you go from tow boating to bourbon?
  • How did you raise capital?
  • Talk about your floating rickhouse.
  • What were the initial barrels that convinced you the bourbon changed on the river?
  • Can you explain the vessels?
  • What makes the barge unique to the aging process?
  • Did you ever work on a barge?
  • Does the barge have to stay stationary?
  • What’s the strangest thing your family has had to move on a barge?
  • Do you envision having more barges aging whiskey in the future?
  • Have you thought about aging barrels for other brands on the river?
  • Where do you source from?
  • How did you decide who to partner with?
  • What have been your biggest hurdles?
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