298 – The Bardstown Bourbon Company Experience with Dan Callaway and Nick Smith

On today’s show, we get to feature two great people at Bardstown Bourbon Company, Dan Callaway and Nick Smith. Bardstown Bourbon Company exploded on the scene as a destination hot spot for anyone visiting the trail and Dan was instrumental to the early success of creating a red carpet environment for anyone who visited. As whiskey production ramped up, Nick Smith brought his knowledge from working at Jim Beam to help customers create custom mash bills and guide them in the right direction to put a new spin on the distillation process that would be uniquely theirs. So next time you’re headed to Bardstown, don’t forget to make Bardstown Bourbon Company a must visit.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about bourbon branded credit cards.
  • What made you decided to come work at Bardstown Bourbon Company?
  • What was the original vision for Bardstown Bourbon Company and how has it changed?
  • Are banana croquettes a real thing?
  • What lessons did you learn coming from Jim Beam to Bardstown Bourbon Company?
  • How do you accommodate so many different mash bills?
  • How do you work together?
  • Is there a baseline for the mash bills?
  • Are there any limitations on the mash bills?
  • How do you guide customers to different cooperages?
  • Do you help brands with marketing and packaging?
  • Can this be a tourist destination for brands that contract through you?
  • Tell us about the Discovery Series.
  • Talk about the vintage library.
  • What is the timeline for the bottling facility?
  • How much of the distillery process is automated?
  • What’s a changeover?
  • What is Pete’s Place?
  • Tell us about the Kentucky Proud product.
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