292- New Riff Barrel Pick Bracket Challenge

Single barrel picks are the new unicorns. And if you add a fancy sticker, after market wax or some glitter, bourbon nerds can’t control themselves. For this podcast, the team thought it would be a fun idea if our audience sent us samples from their New Riff barrel selections and we put them in a bracket challenge. We decide who selected the best barrel and gets Bourbon Pursuit bragging rights.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about tipping for high end pours.
  • Why did we pick New Riff for this bracket?
  • New Riff Tasting
  • Cleveland Bourbon Club – “New Riff Passed Elijah” –  Ryan Lintz
  • Charred Barrel – “Happy Little Riff” – Chris Perugini
  • Knoxville Beer & Brown Water Society –  ”Kings of Grain Jackpot” – Jimmy Tucker
  • Sacred Sippers – “Holy Water 19:1″ – Mike Utech
  • Brown Bunker Coalition  – “The Colin Bottle”- Dirk Glahn
  • Wright-Patt Whiskey Club – Andy Hostetter
  • Kentucky Bourbon Brotherhood – “Ken Riffey Jr” –  Todd Hall
  • Great Lakes Whiskey Club – “Riff Ross” – Mike Schuette

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