280 – Is Bourbon the Next Big Trend? with Brandy Rand, COO of IWSR

We’re currently experiencing the biggest boom there has ever been with bourbon. But is it going to be overshadowed by the seltzer movement? And we all know that COVID has impacted every single business sector, but what has it done to alcohol and, most importantly, bourbon? From the outside it seems that business is good, but Brandy Rand, COO for IWSR who specializes in drinks analysis and trends, provides a scientific view as well as reality check on where the market is moving.

Show Notes:

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  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about labels.
  • Who was your childhood actor or actress crush?
  • What is IWSR?
  • How do you gather data?
  • How were you all tracking bourbon growth years ago?
  • Do you classify canned cocktails as hard seltzers?
  • Do you think cocktails to go will be an on going trend?
  • What impact are tariffs having globally?
  • Have you seen distilleries pivot their strategy due to tariffs and COVID?
  • What has happened to travel retail because of COVID?
  • Do you track e-commerce and shipping?
  • Do you follow Drizzly’s data?
  • Where do you see bourbon growth in the next couple of years?

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