266 – State Bourbon Battle: New York vs. Kentucky

In this podcast, we look to see if there are any distilleries in New York that can take on good old fashioned Kentucky bourbon. Dan Walkski, Manager of Fine Spirits at Midvalley Wine and Liquor in Newburgh, NY shares some of his favorites from the region and we taste them in a blind battle. There’s a few surprises thrown in that cause some major upsets. Tune in to see what state comes out on top.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about age statements.
  • How did you get into bourbon?
  • What is the bourbon scene like in Newburgh, NY?
  • What is the largest growing spirit in your store?
  • Tasting of New York and Kentucky whiskies.
  • Do you get a lot of allocated bourbon?
  • What do encourage your customers to try since you don’t get a lot of allocated items?
  • What is a good gateway bourbon?
  • How to you price bottles in the store?
  • Do you put all your bottles for sale online?
  • Have you visited all these NY distilleries?

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