265 – Weller CYPB Data, Basil Hayden’s Changing Identity, Toasted Barrels, and Our Favorites So Far on Bourbon Community Roundtable #47

We look at the recently released results of the Weller CYPB data and ask ourselves if this data matches up to a normal consumer or a bourbon enthusiast. Make sure you check out yourperfectbourbon.com to see how well the site and survey is done. We then examine Basil Hayden and our thoughts behind the brand’s evolving character of having blends, finishes, and high aged expressions. And what’s up with all the toasted barrels recently? Will there be more to come? Lastly, we wrap it up with our favorite bourbon so far in 2020.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about craft distillers.
  • Weller CYPB and the data. Does it add up?
  • Basil Hayden and it’s shifting identity.
  • Are Toasted Barrels all the rage now? Old Forester 1910, Michter’s, and now Elijah Craig.
  • What’s the best bourbon you’ve tried so far this year?

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