200 – Juleps, MGP Chasers, and High Dollar NAS on Bourbon Community Roundtable #32

Are Mint Juleps the problem child of bourbon cocktails? We examine the Mint Julep and it’s impact on history and give our novice commentary on horse racing. We then look at the crazy hoarding of higher aged MGP stocks because there are now groups scouring the country to find distilleries with this coveted whiskey. Is there a scary future of higher priced bourbons (over $100) that don’t carry an age statement? Lastly, we give our initial thoughts on the new Wild Turkey “Cornerstone” release.

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We should see I’m a accountants and lawyers. We can go on the show. Oh, wait.

No more no more lung capacity. Yeah.

Hey, everyone, and welcome to Episode 200. of bourbon pursuit. I’m one of your host Kinney. And did you just hear what I said? It was Episode 200. This is monumental. It’s huge. Now I’m not going to talk about it because we talked a lot about it in the show, or maybe just a little bit. I don’t know. We’re kind of proud of ourselves here. But thank you so much for joining us and being a part of this monumental occasion. And it’s because of you our listeners why this has been so successful. So keep tuning in, and we’re going to keep bringing you good original bourbon content. Now on with a little bit of news, Adam hearse of the LA whiskey society has uncovered the world’s oldest whiskey

It’s a 12 year old Pennsylvania by distilled in 1847. It’s been passed down through generations of family as well as estate sales until it ended up in the hands of someone asking more about its origin. The link to the website in our show notes goes through intensive detail of the label glass seal court condition, and even guesses what the whiskey is comprised of, because back then, there was no notion of Oh, hey, what’s your mash bill? And really, also what is the importance of discovering this ancient artifact, and I guess I say agent and relatively new terms here, but having a bottle from pre Civil War era is a window into the age of whiskey history that at this point, only documentation is meant around. So other than that, you know, there hasn’t been much else. And now historians have reviewed the advertisements below sales and other records, and we now have a legitimate bottle of whiskey from over 160 years ago.

Read the in depth analysis from the link in our show notes. Are you coming to the bourbon trail and happen to be staying in Louisville, Kentucky? Well, Ryan and I, we get asked all sorts of questions all the time of Where should we go? Where should we get a drink? Well, we went ahead and started creating a collection and we put it on Yelp. And you can go and get that in our show notes. It’s loaded with casual and fine dining choices, dessert spots, as well as our favorite places to grab a cocktail or a glass of bourbon at one of our local watering holes around town. Now with that, let’s hear from our good friend Joe over a barrel bourbon. And then you’ve got Fred Minnick with above the char.

Hi, this is Joe Beatrice from Bell craft spirits. batch 16 was a project that took over a year, we selected nine to 15 year old barrels with similar profiles from different distilleries. It’s deeply concentrated, but not too okie and finishes with a toasted orange note. Find out more at barrel bourbon calm.

I’m Fred Minnick. And this is a

The char, I stood in the middle of a liquor store aisle. Consumer asked the retailer, what was the most smooth bourbon on the shelf? Doubt. The retail attendant is just someone who’s doing his job. He meant well, and he picked out five or six Bourbons that he thought were smooth. And he did it based on proof. They were all 80 or 90 proof when reality the Bourbons that he picked, were actually a little hot for their proofs. So he completely eliminated things like four roses single barrel, which is 100 proof, or knob Creek, which is 100 proof or Booker’s, which you know, gets up there in the hundred and 20 proof range, completely ignored the mall, despite them being very smooth. And we see smooth being used and all sorts of marketing. We’re talking about going back to the earliest forms of whiskey marketing and

You’ll find the words smooth. Well, what does that mean? What does smooth actually mean? In a sense, it’s meant to be a word that kind of covers the word good.

But in reality smooth really does have a true definition within the industry, as I recall many people saying, but most notably, Jim Rutledge, talked about smoothness being about how does it feel on the palate, and how does it burn if it burns at any point in a major way, and it is not smooth for you. So from the moment that it hits your palate, to the all the way down to the belly, if it’s burning at any point in that process, then it is not smooth for you. But just like taste is very subjective. What tastes good to me may not taste good to you. And so what a smooth for me a grizzled and veteran whiskey drinker may not

be smooth for someone who’s just getting in the game. So there’s really no right answer for what is smooth. I’ll tell you what isn’t smooth. Vodka. Vodka sucks. And that’s this week’s above the char. Hey, if you have an idea for about the char hit me up on Twitter or Instagram, just like drew Scott did on May 4. He’s the one who came up with the idea for what the term smooth means. Well, actually, he said, to stop using the term smooth when describing whiskey, I decided to get a little bit of a definition instead. But hey, if you’ve got an idea send it to me that’s at Fred manic again that’s add Fred manic and thank you drew for that wonderful idea. Until next week. Cheers.

This is the 200th episode of bourbon pursuit. Welcome back, everybody. We’re worth the 32nd recording of the bourbon Community Roundtable. I’m glad I haven’t gotten my my numbers mixed up in my head yet because we are really anticipating

This day it’s kind of a huge milestone for us. So Ryan congratulations. Like an Adrian Adrian like we did at home it should be like running up the stairs rocky style. I know we need like, you know the Evan Williams bottle Red Label with the 200 like, wrapped around it we need that, you know, wrapped around this episode. Yeah, it’s amazing. I can’t believe gosh, how, how is that possible that we’ve done 200 episodes. That’s amazing, and a lot of cool stuff we’ve done over the past few years. So congrats to you. Oh, it’s it’s to all of us into the whole Community Roundtable here as well. You know, these guys have been a very big part of making this show successful as well. You know, these these community roundtables are one of the most downloaded episodes that we have. I think it’s just people love it when you pitch about bourbon and they love to hear the banter of what goes on. So with that I’m actually celebrating since I don’t have like an Evan Williams to at the end.

Diversity I figured I’d grab like 100 McKenna bottle and bond and hundred proof and I got a pursuit series of 1400 per hundred proof. Mix them together and it guess it’s 200

How long do you think about doing that before? I bought a few hours early, I was like, What can I do to celebrate? Because I saw Blake’s post. He said, What are you drinking that to celebrate? And I said, I have no idea. I guess I’ll just grab 200 proof Bourbons and mix them together. That’s about as close as I can think it was something ridiculous. Yeah. Well, could you get to a 200 year old bourbon like what’s in your stash? You could grab get three final reserves or something? Yeah.

How close could you get in a glass with a Nick? I thought tonight’s round table we’re actually going to turn it around in we’re all going to interview you and Ryan about the highlights of your last 200 episodes. I like him your favorite moments.

I think people get bored pretty quickly. Yeah. not that exciting. All in all, we

Don’t care all that.

gotta remember the premise of this show was never about us. It’s where the dumb ass is that are the ones that asked all the questions. So that’s episode number 204. Yes. And I’m like, oh no.

So with that, let’s go ahead and let’s go around the table as usual and introduce everybody Blake’s already chimed in. So Blake I’ll let you go first. Yes, I am Blake from bourbon or calm and so box calm can find me at bourbon or calm Bo you are be in our or all the social medias that correspond with that, as well as CEO box calm that’s s e l EA ch s and I’m drinking one of my current favorite bottles of steel box. It’s a Jay Henry and sons. It’s their five year five year bourbon that’s finished in cognac barrel. So really good stuff. Check it out.

Awesome, good deal, and a face that we haven’t seen in a while Nick from breaking bread.

Hey man How you been catching up on sleep finally guys but glad to be back I tried to make the last two and kind of last man is like Jordan I’m sorry I’m I am not going to be home in time for this so can you jump on and he was always excited to jump on so he’s been doing a bunch of them here lately but anyways, I’m Nick from breaking bourbon com check us out online breaking bourbon calm obviously and all the social media is all at breaking bourbon. I will kind of kind of reminiscing a little bit. I remember us being guests on bourbon pursuit years ago, I can’t remember the episode number. But it was in the first you know, series run of them as before we were doing video so it was all audio. Eric and I were over at his house. You know, Jordan was at his house. Kenny and Ryan we couldn’t see you guys. I’m not sure where you were exactly. But remember, we were talking about the bourbon storage experiment and kind of excited because we have been I’ve been listened to you guys from the beginning, you know from your first episode forward, and it was the first you know

podcast and the first time we do anything like that so just kind of thinking back about that now I was two years ago three years ago I can’t remember at this point but yeah kind of you know fun exciting run here and excited to see where it goes from here. That was definitely one of my highlight episode you know with you guys

feel bad thanks a lot jerk

to say that

three bottles in the mail for

Yeah, I mean that’s that’s one of the big things and the great things about what we’ve what we’ve really done here in the roundtable is you know, it all actually all started off at each one of you had your own sort of singular episode before we even decided like hey, let’s get on and do you know kind of coming on this together. So it was it was good with that. So if anybody really wants to see how bad our interview skills were in the first like 50 episodes then you can go Yeah, if you think they’re bad now just

actually listened on a little bit of a roundtable number one

Last night or yesterday, whenever you sent it out Yeah, I was like, right on the first one. Yeah, it was five kids How the hell do

I do that?

But it’s one of those ones where it’s like had good personality. Yeah.

Exactly. Everybody’s on their iPhone had that actual mix or filters or where we’re at now so yeah, they were all vintage and it turns out they were auditions for this. Exactly.

It’s been a good journey, that’s for sure. So Brian, I’ll let you go ahead. Yeah, sure everyone I’m I’m Brian with sippin corn. You can find me on the social medias si p p n co Rn, and citizen corner calm and bourbon justice calm. So check that out. book available on Amazon and through Potomac and on the website bourbon, justice, calm. I was also thinking back to the early time that I was

On the show to begin with, but that was replaced last night when I met a bunch of guys for a wild turkey tasting and practically everyone there had something to say about the urban Community Roundtable and it that’s when it really struck me how we’re able to to connect with so many different people from so many different walks of life and in Kenny and Ryan you guys have done great on this. I mean it’s just the the reach that you guys have had. And the popularity of it is just fantastic. So congratulations on 232 round tables. Thank you sorry it’s all good are good legal advice.

navigate the legal waters. That’s right. For sure. I feel like I’m doing my own little barrel bourbon blend over here like mixing this the Kentucky and Tennessee stuff. It’s actually pretty good mix of these these two together. Are you really raising them together? I really did. I mixed them together. I wasn’t just joking. Like what you’re gonna get

Yeah, follow through with my promise.

But personally series There you go. And the other thing is, you know, Fred couldn’t be here tonight he said that he had a pretty wild Derby, you know going to parties and he’s just finally get to the point where he was at home and his five year old son said, Dad when we gonna hang out again? And I said, Yeah, you need to spend time with your family. That’s totally fine. So we’re going to be saying spread on this one, but that’s okay. And you know,

speaking of that with the derby, let’s have a little bit of a post mortem because let’s talk a little bit of thoughts on the race I know we got we got three guys here from Kentucky to that think they’re from Kentucky. So let’s try to try to get an idea of you know, what’s your all’s thoughts were just in the race in general because it was kind of a wild finish.

Yeah, first, I’d like to clarify, I don’t think I’m from Kentucky.

Or from Florida, or no, um, I mean, my thoughts on the race for it’s kind of kind of messed up. When you

When you look at the I go back to the NCAA Tournament because that’s sports actually care about in who was it Virginia against? A virgin gets Auburn. It’s like was it? Was it a foul at the gate? You know, the last shot of game by the book? Yeah, probably was a foul. Do you make that call at that time? I don’t know. You know, I would probably say no. So I was not for the call. I thought, you know, there’s probably a lot of other places that could have been called or it just kind of gets overlooked. But I’m not a huge horse racing fan. So it’s kind of hard for me to weigh in with any kind of credibility. All I know is I watch the race. I walked outside and started cooking more and my wife came outside said, Oh, yeah, they’re actually recalling it around Africa what she used but yeah, so Oh, no, I’d say I would rather just see the horses run and you know, if there’s a little bit of bumping,

so be it but yeah, that sounds like a lot like your Barbara radians. That’s a Floridians opinion.

Not a good party unless there’s a little bit of bumping

no no bumping and grind I don’t see nothing wrong with a little

Joe to see albums getting ready to come on or something. Yeah, yeah.

I gotta kinda agree with that you know, I honestly we watched the race and we had people over and before they even made that call we were doing something else and kind of lost track of it was until the next day that that became apparent and kind of went back and looked at it and you know, it is tough call you know, at the end of the day, I mean there are animals out there running in a circle you know what a little bit in front of another animal the room I guess you know, but it seemed it seemed really surprising it kind of shocking that that they did make that call. Well, it’s definitely shocking its first time it’s ever happened in the in the derby that the winner lost. And I’m no Stewart all all of those disclaimers, but I’ll disagree with you guys just to have a different opinion.

The the people who I do know who are in the horse business were just looking at on how dangerous that really that move really was. And it’s not just the animal moving over into the lane it’s it’s the jockey being reckless and going for that spot. Hell you know whatever whatever happens be damned he’s gonna go for that spot and if they would have clipped apparently if they would have clipped hooves which was really close to happening you would have had two horses that were shot on the track and if if that’s if that happened in the in the derby they had to pull out the blue tarp and kill some horses that’s that just be devastating. So I think they have to be careful like this and if that’s the if that’s the risk, and you got to call them like that. Yeah, is that a real thing? Like they pull up the blue tarp and oh, yeah, they put a horse down. Well, they go on the track. Yeah.

haul out an ambulance kind of cover over then yeah.

euthanize them if it’s so bad that they can’t don’t think it’s going to they can save them. So yeah, you gotta think these these horses are I think I said this last night Kenny, I mean these horses are you know thousand plus on these really frail skinny legs and you know it’s kind of like targeting within you know in college football if you get targeted with the helmet to helmet you get ejected you know it’s it sucks because yes it is like you know part of the game you’re hitting but at the same time you’re trying to protect these animals and they say it’s animals but they’re very highly trained animals that this is all they do and so the jockey nude is done and and they have to do it to protect these animals and so it while it does suck, it is the right call and yeah, that’s what needs to be because they were they fell on it. They fall in the Jackie was definitely behind it more or less or was that the horse that just moved out a position that the jockey tried to

say that the horse got scared by the other one. I’m like, well, that happens. every race you know, this is not another new and so you know it he can control that animal in that situation so but I’m not a jockey and I don’t ride but I do think they would have made that call No, no, no question in any regular rates and so I’m glad that they did it on such a big stage but it did piss a lot of people off because that was the favorite and a lot of money was on on that horse. Yeah, let’s just make sure we reaffirm that none of us are like bloodstock like we have skin in the game. We actually have no idea. We’re just we’re just commenting to comment. So yeah, I haven’t given less credibility in horse racing than I do environment. So

take for what that’s worth. So with that, we’ll we’ll switch it up and talk about some bourbon a little bit because, you know, bourbon was out in full force at the derby for anybody that wasn’t paying attention. Brown Forman really has their time in

The spotlight when it comes to a Woodford Reserve and old forester there during oaks and Derby, and there are a lot of mint juleps that are sold there during that day. Now, one thing is that I enjoy a mint julep during the season. I think it’s just like a classic thing. I don’t know why I just kind of got hooked on him a little bit. I even had a mint julep recipe I put out there. However, there’s a lot of people that are kind of the hardcore bourbon people that are saying that you bastardized good bourbon. You know, you’re gonna make a mint julep. Take all the other crap out there and just give me the bourbon. So what do you guys think? Do you look at it as a kind of like a timeless classic? Or is it something that you know, maybe a bourbon nerd should probably just quit drinking a mint julep? You gotta have a look at the track. It’s like just it’s it’s just they go hand in hand. I mean, it’s it’s a tradition it’s in the old forester actually. It’s pretty good. Pre mix Mint Julep I had their in their dangerously like sneaky strong, I had several and I ran into Kenny and I was like, I

Two or three not and then the next day I like woke up in my track outfit on the couch and so I was like

like what’s in these things you know? Or did

it like the outfit you went to the tracking or like, like

like short shorts on

I was at first actually I appreciate the clarification on my running track outside things got real crazy if you got into a whole new Oh yeah, my my my spikes and

bad suit and whenever but now there you gotta do what you love. I love ninja loves candy makes one of the best ninja lips. I mean, they’re hard to drink all the time but at the track Kentucky Derby it’s like it’s quintessential Derby stuff. So it just a quick little history because I was sitting there googling it at the the Mitchell was actually an associated with the Kentucky Derby since 1938. And even before then, it’s been

documented that it was actually literature’s earliest 1784 that it was for curing sickness of the stomach. So, amen. There we go. I guess.

It’s, we don’t have any medical people here on the show so nobody can really comment about that one, but there is there is

the Holiday Inn Express. How’s that different from anything else can

you’re right? We’re pretending we’re stewards, you know?


So, anybody else have any kind of comments on that? Like, is it is it is it a bastardization of bourbon or is it still have its rightful place in in history? Mostly I’m I’m a big fan of mint julep side, I tend to drink old fashions and mint juleps when it comes to mixed bourbon drinks. Not too too often, but I will say over time, probably more juleps than old fashions now. It’s great in the summer. I kind of got some

I could go into the store to get meant so started growing some in the yard, it grows like a weed, it grows really well.

It stays really well in the fridge once I once I pull it, you know,

so it’s I just think it’s a fantastic easy drink that you know, people always tend to really like, not usually as strong as I make them. So I have to remember that, you know,

with other people kind of let them know to let it simmer for a little while and then pick up some of the ice to kind of water it down. But yeah, I think it’s a fun, great summer drink. Nothing wrong with mixing bourbon if that’s what you want to do. So I feel like somebody needs to take the opposite position.

is a terrible idea.

I’m not that far, but what does get me a little bit every year is the amount of I don’t know if everybody else gets them, but like the text of like, hey, they’re making 20 $500 Mint Julep TV. Man. I wish you could do something like that. I’m like, okay, like it’s for charity.

Get it I’m completely okay with that side but they’re just taking Woodford Reserve is just regular Mint Julep in a fancy cup but now it’s like glacier water and that was one year one year they did glacier water this year I believe they did like a honey simple syrup mint. And basically it was a barrel aged simple syrup that was done like for a year or something like that. But now I don’t pin pick juice or pig men from the infield or something. I don’t know. But that was It never ceases to amaze me. I mean, it’s great publicity for Woodford but why they’re the ones where they really get credit for the Kentucky Derby because they pay for it. Yeah, I guess that’s true. They got them brown Forman pockets but

no so I’m a once a year mental kind of guy.

364 days a year if you asked me what I would like mint julep is never in the top 10


You know, it’s hot It’s April or May what tables

you should really weigh in on the last week so I’m kind of running together at this point but no, you know, it’s warm outside. It’s like okay, it’s it’s there’s a lot of ice in there and you know, nobody wants to just sit around drinking bourbon neat when it’s 85 degrees out so for that I let it slide any other day of the week or any other day of the year. I’m not for Mitchell. Well, and I think to it has a place as if you’re going to be day drinking because you’re going to the track all damn day. That’s that’s your starter drink. That’s your morning drink you just like you don’t necessarily want bourbon need if it’s 90 degrees out. Always want to start off with a barrel proof bourbon neat. So warm up to it start with a couple of juleps that helps set a base and you’re good for the day. And then you can wake up in your track outfit.

Next thing you know you’re in valore

You’re on the floor. Yep. So the other thing that we kind of see with with bourbon and horses and Brian saw a little bit before we started so hopefully he’s been he’s been trying to think of this beforehand but I kind of want to put a question and it actually kind of test your knowledge. How many brands can you name that have a horse on the label?

Go ahead and start naming them off. So we got blank on the label or just on like, bourbon and

Don ID bullet at one point had thoroughbred which had a horse on it for roses and Secretariat on it.

Good. See, who else do we have? Don’t forget a gifted horse. gifted horse that bad. Got Rock Hill farms Rock Hill Farm.

We met cow email you can hook pain hooks a new one that’s kind of all their different brains have it? Think a smooth Ambler

But the 10 or

most any of the old scouts I think

yeah yeah

and that’s it sure there’s a horse on some get BK

has it even worse playing chestnut farms from total wind farms Yeah. Old Carter I don’t remember old oh yeah old Carter the new one that came out Yeah, yeah. It has it on it’s 11 Yeah, somebody said Maker’s Mark I don’t recall unless you’re just talking about like the the

leases that they have and stuff like that. Yeah, rumor is that a pursuit series number 10 may have forced on it it’s Ryan in his tracks it on.

It’s not actually he’s not

like he’s kind of like just wavered to the side as he is a spine just gave out after getting thrown off the horse.

Penny horse at Kroger in a track suit. That’s what needs to go on the label.

Yeah, I’m Woodford Derby models as mentioned now sure enough Yeah, every year

there’s there’s a lot of ties just with horses and bourbon as we can just see that from the sheer array of stuff that’s out there. So I guess if you want a bottle of self put a horse on it. Yeah, that’s like all old historical names and horses is what sells and bourbon right? It’s Uh huh. That’s right. Think about the two imagery it’s that’s typically what it is. And Tony just mentioned Bell meat as well. Another one forgot about Oh, yeah.

So So associating an animal with the label to have a spirit tends to help it tends to do better wine will do that to make

apps Of course it does.

The animal on it too.

Alright, so while we’re talking about animals and spirit animals, Nick, if you were to start a brand to put

your spirit


attack Season Two I mean I have no idea I was just thinking of the movie Coco for some reason I don’t know why

you’re gonna say How to Train Your Dragon because that’s been on repeat in the bourbon or household as of recently. I don’t know why my kids don’t like that for whatever reason I love the movie and they watched it once No, we don’t refuse to watch this is actually good. Yeah.

Alright, so let’s go ahead and move on because you know, Bellamy just mentioned and Bell meat is part of one of the things that kind of leads us into this next conversation in this is just seeing what’s happened with MTV lately. MTV prices are skyrocketing. Mike drop is trading for around the issues. Mike Trump, I think number one, or maybe number two, I can’t forget which one is trading at the same values of Pappy 23. There’s now a dedicated Facebook trading group.

Only MTP and I’m seeing more brands in that group than I’ve ever even heard of before. And you see people that are trying to sort of figure out where’s the where’s the next distillery with h doc of MTP that’s selling it. And then they’re ordering it and then it’s just kind of like moving on to the next one. So can you guys think of like when this phenomenon began of people that just started going crazy over MTP? It’s funny, like, I don’t know what to look back at. It wasn’t too long ago where we were like, talking about Isn’t it just MTP that they’re just putting it out there and like, you know, nobody was buying it because they’re like, isn’t it just another MTP? And it’s funny how the tides have turned to the other and I’m not sure what started I’m sure with anything in bourbon, it’s, there’s less and less age stock of it. So now people think it’s better, which it is great. I mean, I love 12 year MTP 1314 is some of the best stuff out there. But yeah, I don’t get it. Because I mean

Sorry, go ahead. I mean, yeah, just go ahead. I was gonna say, I think when, at one point when it was kind of behind a brand and, you know, you knew they’re making it easy, but you knew you had a pretty big accessible brand. That was one thing, but now that you’re seeing these smaller niche brands, with MVP, you know, with, in some cases, age statements and other cases, just a limited number of bottle bottlings you know, limit number of bottles, it’s got some hype, some momentum behind it. I think people have come around to the fact that empty p really knows what they’re doing. I mean, they’re good at making whiskey. You know, there’s no question about that. And in combination with people that are good at marketing whiskey, and in some cases, it is really good whiskey. I think that’s kind of that snowball is kind of happened here. And you know, it’s, it’s if there’s enough different about the label, enough different about you know, people are talking about it that’s going to generate that snowball effect for it. You know, I think that’s what we’re kind of seeing happen, you know, you’re no longer having the, you know, I’m a big sorcerer of bourbon and it’s

I’m going to make everything tastes the same. And you know that’s going to be our goal and said, You’re seeing no I’m going to make a niche product with a small you know, number of bottles and I’m going to make that look and feel special and MTP is behind. In a lot of cases then it’s getting more limited to find the older stuff. That’s what’s happening. And people want it because the momentum is finally built up. Well, I see it it’s a little odd because I think if you get you can just Google it. I think there’s a there’s a article out there that says your craft distiller is actually coming from a, like a warehouse in Indiana.

Indiana, I think that’s exactly what it was. And that’s I remember that I remember when that came out years ago. And that’s kind of what helped kind of kickstart my education because that was something that I wasn’t necessarily always up to snuff about. And that’s really when you start learning how to read labels you understand when it says distilled in Indiana, like all of a sudden, like the cogs start clicking together and the gear start moving but

It’s funny because at that time, there was this stigma or this kind of like, thought process that people said, Well, why would you just want to buy somebody source whiskey? Like, why don’t you just go buy somebody that is distilling it and making themselves like its transparency on the label. But now it’s kind of done a complete one at where people are like, Oh, yeah, I just, I just want that. Like, I don’t care if it says Traverse City or blonde brothers or whatever it is like, I just want the juice that’s inside.

Yeah, I mean, I agree with Nick. Sorry, Blake. I agree with Nick. Its marketing. I mean, my word. It’s the same stuff that’s been out and like Kenny, like you say, it’s originally people were Pooh poohed it because it all came from Indiana. So the only thing different is, how it’s marketed and the price that they charge for it.

So I don’t know. So go ahead, like, yeah, so I would kind of go with that. It’s proven itself as a really good thing. So

But but there is some differences you know, for me it goes back to like the smooth Ambler days when they were sourcing and putting out a lot where that was what first really turned me on to MTP was like oh wow, this stuff is really good. And then you know, you taste some from other distilleries or brands and labels, that kind of stuff. It’s like, this is MVP, but it tastes different. So it becomes a little bit of a collector thing to it’s like, with Buffalo Trace. Yeah, I love Buffalo Trace. But why would I just buy the Buffalo Trace brand? Why do I still try to buy the stags and all that of the world because there’s difference in the barrels.

So I would agree it is marketing but who’s the one really doing the marketing because in GP, I mean what they spend, you know, a couple hundred bucks a year on marketing or something. And it’s really these labels and brands that are kind of put given the push behind it, but with these kind of groups, everything, they aren’t really looking at the marketing nearly as much in my opinion, you

They’re they’re focused on the actual bourbon and then it just becomes a little bit of a cultish thing and

it’s like, you know, sits a Willer all that much better. Is it $2,000 better, better than a comparable bottle? Probably not. But it’s got a little bit of a, you know,

cache behind it that, that gives it that extra boost that it needs. So. And I also say that because I have an MVP pic coming out pretty soon, so it’s going to be worth at least $700.

It’s getting harder to find these distilleries. And that,

that have h product, you know, a lot of four and six years old. Yeah, I just happened to find, you know, Bull Run has some that’s close to 13. Well, a little over 13 years old and it’s you don’t see that popping up nearly as much anymore. Yeah, I think that’s a good point from Blake because there’s a huge gap between, you know, like you said the four to five year MVP.

To the 1312 to 1314, you know, there’s not really anything in between and so like, you have like a very rare supply of the older age stuff, and then a huge gap until it’s younger. And so that age stuff is just getting kind of hype because of the supply side of that. And that’s probably what most Bourbons out there today, you know, because there is a huge gap and all Bourbons from five years to you know, 10 to 12. Frank has a pretty good theory in the chat. He said in my perspective, the allocation game has drove MTP promotion, which might be somewhat true, you know, you can’t get your hands on a regular bottle Blanton’s anymore. But you have some really good age stock of MTP that’s floating around from multiple distilleries that you can get your hands on pretty well. So that’s a that’s a pretty good theory behind it as well. The other thing you know, we talked about the the marketing aspect, I don’t know if I agree with the the way these brands we’re doing marketing, I think it’s it’s been the community of of the underground groups that have

really been able to pick and find these things. If I recall like one of the first ever Blom brothers pics that I saw came out of cork and bottle up in Northern Kentucky and then after that, it’s like, it’s like a everybody just swarms to something and they just gobble it all up, they eat it up and then now like blood brothers is crushed like they have no more like age stock that they’re putting to do their single barrel program. Same thing happened to Boone County like Boone County does 175 doddle Sorry, sorry, hundred $75 per bottle now through their gift shop of the same 1314 year in GP juice. And so it just it’s this community, I think this is very bullish in regards of how they are going about acquiring this through multiple means of finding these distilleries. But part of that too, is is how small that an outlet is though, that’s actually putting their label on it and selling it that people can identify that okay, it is something that’s different from something else out there.

You know, it’s, you know,

ultimately put together and bottled by this company over here, whether that company is deliberately somehow reaching those people or it’s just by chance that they’re being reached. And they’re, they’re small enough that that relatively small number of people can make a run on it. You know, it’s almost as if you, you know, you separated into two what’s behind it. So you’ve got the distillation, and then you’ve got ultimately the blending in most cases, some cases single barrel, just identifying what those are, and then you’ve put the label on it. I think what’s behind it as well as people have recognized that MTP from a distillation perspective can do it has done a very good job and they’ve done a good job. They’ve made really good Bourbons, you know, and some companies are good at finding what those are and bottling them whether they’re blending it or doing single barrels or whatever, you know, I think the communities kind of recognize that and and, you know, given them that credit, and when that happens, you know, they just like you said, Kenny there people are jumping on it because they believe that

It’s going to beach they believe it’s true and they believe that can be a really good bourbon. But it doesn’t even have to be a good bourbon though. I mean, that’s the thing if you’re starting a new brand now the recipe is to source it to release under 2000. And bottles have a really cool label. And you just generate that hype and it sell Oh, and the other point is to have a really high price for so limited supply really high price, cool label, limited number for sale, and that just drives it and and like you guys are saying people eat it up and it just it feeds itself.

There’s like an expansion to you know, for a while there’s and maybe I was part of the problem too is you know, you’re Kentucky snob at first and all you want to drink is Kentucky bourbon whiskey. And then all of a sudden you hear about this distilled in GPI Indiana sort of stuff, and you kind of you write it off for the longest time, and then all of a sudden you kind of somebody introduces you to it. You know, you get a few

From gamblers you do all that and you kind of start enjoying it and so it kind of starts breaking this mold now where everybody at some point just said like oh like Kentucky and now it’s like okay well Kentucky and Indiana like how far is this going to go until it’s keep spreading to say like okay well now we can say at least 16 states in the US are producing good whiskey so I think it’s also going to be a kind of a breaking the mold of just how people envision and think of where can they get their bourbon now to Yeah, no doubt because most people they want the Kentucky name they want the Kentucky brand behind it and that gives them a lot of validity and credit that it’s going to be something good but when reality you know, and we’re Kentucky ends and we do make the best bar and there is a lot of good people out there making some really good use that can compete with us for sure.

But it is it’s there’s that stigma though, that if it’s not Kentucky, then it’s kind of


Yeah, just take a few years for that stigma ago and and I think at this point like, what would end up in distilled in Indiana does when you see that in the back label now people’s ears perked up. They’re like, All right, cool. It’s going to be good Indiana stuff. And so I think it’s just going to take its time, one last thought to I think maybe like some, something like Templeton Rob probably heard MVP for a little bit. Yeah. You know, because, like you said, that article, you know, came out and then they’re like, well, if everybody’s done in those brands, they just heard that, you know, that’s not i’m not going to buy that and then, but once they actually tried, then their opinions change, but it’s hard to break that opinion when it’s so strong against it. Absolutely. And so when somebody in the bourbon guy just said, Kentucky, I’ll change the game as far as pricing goes, that kind of leads us into our next little segment here.

There are more craft distilleries popping up around the country now more than ever before. So how do you find out the best stories and the best flavors? Rock house whiskey club is it was

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I haven’t actually tried it yet. Ryan and I both have samples and Kentucky out confiscated However, there’s there’s a certain name he’s been on the podcast Blake Woodard it seems like he’s on him.

To make Dixon feel really, really bad about himself, but you know, he He kind of looks at what Kentucky confiscated his as the when he say the speaker van, or sorry, the was it was the analogy he used the guys selling secrets away Why man? Yeah, that that analogy essentially saying that what they’re doing is they’re sourcing a bourbon, which everybody knows that Kentucky is sourcing. However they’re putting no age statement on it. And they’re selling it for around $100 hundred and $30 in some markets. So what do you guys see on the thoughts of the future? Do you think this is going to be leading the pack in regards of other people doing this or do you think this is going to be a one off and who knows if it’s going to sell through or not?

Well, I’ve got I got a story. It’s on the topic. But before we jump into it, so when when my wife and I first got married, bought our house, we went furniture shopping, we’re looking for

room set. And the first day we went to small store, one salesman, walked us through the whole store told us everything we didn’t want to know about furniture and everything about it. And we were enlightened, but also really kind of dazed and confused. Went to the next store, and very different experience, the person walking around was, you know, just kind of touching on things. And we came up to one set that was like $6,000. And, and she said, Now this, this is like, this is the best set, and I’m looking at I didn’t like the style of it. I didn’t recognize at all, what would make it better. And I said, why is this one the best one, and she looks and she was really stumped. And she looks at me with a straight face and says, well, it’s just more expensive

to be the natural transition. So I wanted to say that before we jumped into this conversation, just as because it’s this kind of reminded me of that, in a sense as I started to dig into what’s actually inside this bottle, trying to figure out what I’ve got here. You know, I have a sample here to behind me.

Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s what the old adage, perception is reality and you know, the way the price things are people are automatically going to think it’s premium or superior to all the, you know, everyday Bourbons the probably the everyday consumers that it does work with us, we can kind of sniff it out and you know, but maybe that’s not who they’re trying to go after. So maybe they don’t give a shit what we think and they’re going to price it that way anyways, and they should, you know, and see what the market bears because that’s what those people you know, so they pay it, why not? But you know,

you’ve priced it right if they pay it. Yeah, and I have and I have not tried it so I can’t say it’s worth it or not worth it. But it’s it’s hard to say it’s probably going to be worth it but maybe it will be we’ll see like how we kept count of how many posts that been on your Facebook group about people holding bottles of and saying is this a good buy?

Those all get deleted. don’t post any unopened Bob pictures.


I mean, I think I see at least one a week between either that or Houston bourbon society one of the other, it definitely is in and that’s the thing is like these these Bourbons and brands that are coming out now. They’re not really made for the kind of store they’re not made for the majority of the people watching this podcast like I love what Dixon is doing and he’s an incredible Blender but at the end of the day, you know, there’s a sales machine behind it, that’s that’s pricing this stuff and coming up with new brands and all that kind of stuff. So that’s where I think

we’re just seeing the beginning of the actual pricing and, you know, having a more expensive bottle, and we I still don’t think we’ve seen the real big money get into bourbon that we will in five or six years, you know, I still think we’re on the forefront of that when you look like what’s going on with wine and scotch and all that and kind of to Nick’s point of stores, people are going to walk in and

say oh I want the best bourbon you have they’re just going to grab what’s most expensive on the shelf so I can’t blame these brands for doing that. Now am I going to be going out in spending my bottle or or spending my money on those bottles or even suggesting people that this is the best buy? No but I mean if if we just wanted to buy the best value we buy nothing but I don’t know wild turkey want to want or something so to me it’s about trying something new trying something different. If $130 doesn’t like set you back and you’re it’s between that and paying the mortgage that month like enjoy a drink the bourbon have fun.

But you know don’t get too caught up in the hype of just having an expensive bottle to buy. So

it to me it’s it’s gotten a little out of control and it seems like Kentucky I was kind of getting the brunt of the force at times when that’s just where the

The markets going all together. Well, I think they get a little bit of the brunt because it is an NDP and it is Nast. And I think that’s really where a lot of a lot of that out Well, maybe, yeah, maybe that the combination of both

got me wrong we we like Dixon too and he’s a he’s a good friend of the show and stuff like that. You know, one thing I thought I just had, it was it was literally last week somebody was here in Louisville, and they said, I need to get a bottle of a birthday or sorry, a bottle of bourbon for my friend’s birthday, as somewhere around like the $80 value. I’m kind of like, geez, I don’t even know like

yeah, and then they’re like, but you host a bourbon podcast. You can’t tell me one bourbon at $80.

But anyway, you know, in this, this is kind of what could be there that fits that mold sort of that higher premium tier category that you know, some but some people like us we may not be in for it. But you know the regular Joe that it’s on the shelves, it has a high price tag. It’s the perception that that’s

They’re now one Blake, I think I want to kind of like tail on to what you said there is you said that you don’t think the real high dollar high price tag of bourbon has come yet.

I look at it and saying, I hope you’re wrong. But kind of kind of expand on what you’re thinking there. Yeah. So I mean, just think about the, the bottles, the expensive bottles that you have

sitting around now and had this conversation with somebody I think was last week or so I was like, Pappy 23, you know, secondaries probably 2020 500

at the most. There’s guys spending, you know, upwards of 30 $40,000

on a bottle of scotch, there’s guys spending, you know, $1,000 on a bottle of wine like it’s nothing. The wines literally one sitting. So to a lot of the lot of this money like bourbon seems like a steal right now even where we are. You know if I can go spend

$3,000 on what’s quote unquote, the best bourbon available and the most sought after bourbon in the world. Like That’s nothing for a lot of these guys. And I think we’ll start seeing more and more of that money start to pour in as we go through the years and you know, bourbon doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So as much as we probably hate it as consumers and enthusiasts, the prices are just going to continue to go up and up and up. And

you know, I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. When the the Kevin O’Leary’s of Shark Tank start making their way

whenever he starts buying Pappy and putting on a show, we’re all in trouble. Yeah. Yeah, when Blake said that, that caught my attention to because I I’m past the time now where it must have been five, six years ago, I figured by now, I would have bought a still out of bankruptcy for some from some craft distiller who had failed and the prices would be back down to where they were, they were 10 years ago and I was totally wrong.

I mean, it’s it’s still going up and you get new releases coming out at 150 and $200. And

if the market bears it’s with more fans coming on, it’s, it’s going to keep going up. And I was sorry, go ahead brand. And know that Yeah, just wrapping up on there. It’s just it’s continuing to climb and it surprises the hell out of me. And I think what’s interesting is if you kind of think about scotch and if you go to a store with a fairly deep selection, you know, the scotch that you see on the shelf in the price of the scotch on the shelf, and if you go in the back room where, you know, that same bottle for $3,000 has been there, the one for $5,000 has been there, you know, and eventually somebody’s going to buy it, you know, this stuff is on the shelf all the time, and you kind of don’t have this run on it. Whereas with bourbon, when you have these kind of higher cost releases, you’re still getting the the liquor store holding in the back parsing it out is something special for somebody. They touch the shelves.

In a lot of times, they’re gone. I mean, there are the exceptions, of course. And I think we’ve tested that a little bit with, you know, some of these releases. I mean, I know some of the knob Creek releases that were special releases are still kind of hanging around, you know, above the hundred dollar mark, some of the wild turkey releases are still kind of hanging around. So I think the markets kind of touched that a little bit with bourbon and seeing that, in some cases, it will, you know, in some areas, at least sit for, you know, for quite a while and maybe doesn’t have that same kind of momentum that scotch has built up over time. But I do think we’re still potentially on that on that precipice on the beginning of, you know, seeing the higher price stuff but also seeing it as regular everyday stuff. kind of think of it like Bazell Haven, which, you know, around here is 40 to $50. You know, sometimes a little bit more. There’s nothing inherently really special about that besides what the label is, you know, but in somebody’s price range that feels like a special bottle. It looks like a special bottle. You know, for a lot of people 80 proof is fine. They don’t really want any more than that. They’re going to put down the rocks anyway.

You know, so that same person, whether go hunt, and when they go hunting for a gift for somebody, and they don’t see anything in bourbon for over $80 on the shelf, because it’s gone, or it’s not there, it’s in the background and they’re not going to sell it to them. They see something like this, they don’t know about age statements, they don’t know about the story. They’re not going to Google it. any of that, you know, they’re going to somebody’s going to say, this is really good stuff. And they’re going to say, well, it must be it’s $125. I’ll take it, you know, and I think we’re going to see that happen. And that got me thinking too, because I was I was thinking about I said, you know, I’ve written all the press releases trying to dig into this, I’ve got a bunch of questions out to the company. I’m waiting to hear back on and, you know, it’s kind of, I think the non age stated is kind of thing that jumps out. But to me, it’s more than that, because you definitely see, you know, Bourbons that don’t have an age statement that are good, but it’s more of the kind of like, just give me something about it, you know, give me more than just the tasting notes. You know, bourbon, I think kind of needs for me at least somewhat of a story with it. If it’s not apparently obvious, you know, where it’s just too

Tell me more about it. Tell me how it came to be. Give me some background about this. I mean, the story could be kind of cool, but it’s all right. There’s nothing there. It’s a name. I want to know more about what’s in this bottle to make it feel a little bit more special if it’s going to be up at 125. And I’m going to think about buying it. Right. Yeah. I think we totally discount like, because we are enthusiasts and we have run a bourbon comedian roundtable how

o’clock at night? Yeah.

How naive and kind of gullible shoppers are, you know, everyday shoppers, and I’m reminded about this every time my wife sends me to go buy wine at the liquor store, I go and I have no idea and I’m like, Look, can somebody help me out here? Like, you know,

what’s a good value? What’s a good bottle you know, here and you know, so it’s, you know, that there there is that at play. You know, there’s a lot of people getting into this game and like you said, You somebody shows me a 40 or $50 bottle of wine which is expensive for wine because you have to drink and when

Sitting I’m like, well, it’s gotta be pretty good and you know, it’s higher dollar or, you know, where if it’s like the seven or $8 one, which it’s probably good but and probably just as good as the 40 or 50 I’m like, we’ll just you know pass on that one so

so needless to say we need to start upping our prices on everything to start fitness new market is what you’re trying to say. That’s pretty much Well, I mean it when you think about what what Blake just said in having these these crazy asinine releases or these scotches that are $30,000 there is a little bit of the market that is kind of getting hit with that right now. I mean, Buffalo Trace and Sazerac they’re doing their best to try to do it you know, the UFC releases the devil Eagle, very rare. These $6,000 bottles, $9,000 bottles that, you know,

we typically don’t see at the retail store shelves in. That’s actually the actually probably, another good point is that if you all saw one of those

Would you buy it? Because at this point you’re kind of like

but I don’t want to know if I want to be a part of that or not someone offered me double Eagle or whatever. albatross What are we calling that? What?

They said, Hey, the distributor can probably get two bottles. Do you want them like oh yeah, I’ll take them both. Absolutely. Then they met somebody else but then I’m in the back of my head thinking like, am I about to spend 30 hundred dollars on a slightly older Eagle rare 17 you know, like, Is that where we are in the game? But yeah, you get caught in the hype. You go and you see it selling for $5,000 or whatever it is. And you kind of think, oh, man, this is smart. And

I mean, there’s people out there that flip sport cars and you know, crazy stuff like that. So it’s it’s, there’s always a market for that. So don’t steal this.

blog post idea because it’s still in the works, but I read your blog, you know, right.

I started like collecting stories from all these other enthusiast, which talks about, you know, what’s the most expensive, expensive thing in their field? And there’s like, I was talking to my uncle about it and he was talking to me about these wood duck decoys where guys are spending six $7,000 for wood duck decoys. I’m like, Okay, if somebody can spend that much for a wood duck decoys or cutter because it’s, you know, Scotty Cameron used it to put left handed once you know, if there’s all these other things, maybe Bourbons not as dumb and as crazy as anything. But, you know, every hobbyist and enthusiast kind of has their thing in their, you know, in their little circle. And to them, it seems crazy. To outside people. It seems real crazy. But at the end of the day, if the money’s there, the money’s there. Yep, absolutely. I explained it to your wife, Blake. When you buy it.

It’s not crazy when you like

when you have those secret credit card stashed

on a CD with ducks

What in the world is that is like well, you know, Ernest Hemingway or I don’t know what he is I kind of lost track after he’s it

sounds like a bourbon story so yeah, really cool. So the last row bourbon

wouldn’t duck and horses it’ll, it’ll all come together and it’ll it’ll stop. So the last thing we want to hit on kind of leave this on a high note is it’s kind of basically I think it’s out there now there was a TTP article I saw somebody that had a distillery sample already. So I think it’s going to pretty much be solid at this point that Wild Turkey has announced that they are releasing their next limited edition masters keep it is he called Cornerstone it is a rye 17 year rye price.

Around $175 hitting the shelves in August and it’s going to be about 15,000 bottles available nationwide which is a pretty pretty good release. So anybody excited for this one to kind of see a ride come out of this considering I think the past couple years we haven’t seen a Russell’s reserve right on the shelf

take notes heaven Hill and Parker’s heritage collection.

Yeah. More I mean I’m really excited about this

you know, I think the need for a little bit of older I What’s it is barrel proof. 109 proof. Okay. Which you know, the wild turkey in and

go there. Yeah, that might have gone in at 107.

I mean, that’s, I’m more excited about that and any other release I’ve seen in 2019. So not even though Miss Rose recent orphan barrel with the big old buck that was up there. Well

Was that called bad decisions? Or

it’s a scotch isn’t it? It is. It’s like a like a 20 something year old scotch or something like that hard to believe with how light the color looks in the pictures.

Yeah, well anyway, let’s get back to Turkey. I’m excited.

I’m excited for wild turkey. You know, I, I feel like some of their first few kind of limited releases at least that I kind of get into. I just, they didn’t hit the mark for me.

I feel like they’ve been getting better and better. I there’s certainly, you know, very capable. So you know, I feel like we’re just waiting for some more of those limited releases from them to just be some of the magic bottles you know, and really have the people in the story and everything behind it, you know, to you know, to back all that up. So, I’m excited for everything, everything they’re doing and excited to see something different. excited to see Orion. I love rice. I’m a big fan of rice. So whenever there’s a limited release, right, I’m typically


It camped out to me. Yeah. On that point, they say that Jimmy is not a fan of rise. So when this guy announced that it’s going to be a ride that surprised me, but I’m still really excited about it to have that age that does mean that it probably went in at 107

it’s it’s definitely gonna be worth trying. So I’m excited about it. The question is, will you buy as many as you bought at the diamond?

Well, that’s funny. I

wasn’t a fan of it was the diamond Was it because of the ages the age? I mean, they talked about the age being more than what he obviously liked. And I’ll get back from from testing lens I had had more rage in it and that I you know, in whatever my opinions worth, I thought was better. But yeah, so he’s, he’s got, he got to defer to him, to some extent, no doubt about that. Not going to try

Trump him but hearing that it doesn’t like Ryan’s hearing that this one is awry. kind of confused me but I’m I’m all over it for that age and that proof and and what that probably went into the barrel at that’s that’s bound to be good. Yeah I think they’re making a way for the new blood because we were down doing our barrel pick of Russell’s and Bruce, Eddie son. He’s a huge rock fan and he let us taste some of some fantastic Rob barrels. And I’m really excited about this one. I think Walter he’s kind of whiffed on a bunch of special releases and I’m hoping that this one is kind of a home run because the rise that me and candy tasted there were fantastic and I’m excited for this. Yeah, I’m pulling for him on that is kind of interesting. You know, you think about the missus. It seems like the Russell Brand assumed done pretty well with the 1998 that was 2002 two

Awesome too, but then the Masters keeps, I mean, some of them have been pretty good, but for the majority, they just kind of sit on the shelf. So it will be interesting to see if this kind of changes the tide a little bit for them. I know and it’s surprising because rafal pics are so good, like, you know,

one of my favorites to do and it’s like, how can they not get their limited releases down you know, it’s like it’s like something’s not connecting there but hopefully this one hopefully they hit the park with this one was like they’re trying to make the real limited releases somewhere out of the out of the bounds, you know, almost out of the bounds of that sweet spot of you know, 1012 years old and you know, the sweet spot with the proof and everything and so you say well, we we can just do that and battle the same thing. You know, we put in Russell’s reserve single barrel or whatever it might be. So it’s got to be different. It’s got to be older, different proof or you know, something like that. I think that’s what the struggle span is because they have kind of been so good at that sweet spot that now it’s well we got it. We got to get outside the

sweet spot to make this thing special. So what do we do? You know, and I think that’s been their challenge. Yep. Yeah. I mean, you’re right. It’s hard to make a limited release, if you just put a limited release out that’s like, again, like camp Nelson effort. 10 years old, like, everybody be like, Wait a second.

We go and select these all day for $55. You can me. So yeah, they do have a little bit of an issue when it comes to that. But yeah, I mean, I think everybody’s pulling form, everybody’s kind of really been, you know, this is actually probably been the worst kept secret and bourbon for the longest time. Everybody sort of knew that there was going to be some aged rye release happening at some point. So we’re glad that it’s finally out there in the open and, you know, I’m excited for it, hopefully get my hands on a bottle or two. And, you know,

hopefully it’s better than diamonds. Right. That’s all we can.

The bar has been set.

So with that, let’s go ahead and we will wrap it up. So again, gentlemen, thank you so much for coming.

going on tonight and joining us on this 200th episode couldn’t have picked a better way for this to happen just I mean just sheer luck that it just happened to be on the dropped on the third week of when we do these so it just you think I started planning this out 32 rounds ago but it didn’t actually happen that way so let you go ahead and kind of close out each one of yourself so Blake go ahead and go first. Yeah, once again thanks for having me. You know we always like to come on here and jerk around have a good time but it’s always fun. So Brian Kenny, thanks for doing this. It’s a you know, hopefully we’ll have another 200 Here comes in so and the way you crank things out it’ll be what

but now so I’m Blake from bourbon or calm and CEO box calm. I said you can find me on all social medias. Bo you are Bo in our and then s e l be EA ch s.com

Hi Brian, you’re up buddy. All right yeah, thanks guys do this has been great. It’s been a great run looking forward to more I’m Brian from sippin corn Find me on social media is si p p n c o r n and bourbon justice doc please do check it out on Amazon. I think it’s on sale right now. They say we got some mother’s days Mother’s Day and Father’s Day up. Thanks a great gift. Thanks, guys. And I am Nick with breaking bourbon breaking bourbon com. Find us online social media. Everything’s at breaking bourbon, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. And yeah, I want to say, you know, thank you guys for for hosting it. You know, I just I just show up, you know, for the hour or whatever. But I know a lot goes into you know, goes into doing this and you know, I think it’s you know and what we see here you know, this hour that you know that people see, you know what I think about too is now we’ve been to Kentucky a couple times, you know hung out in

In person, you know, we did the Community Roundtable barrel, what a little over a year ago, you know, so all that I think really just kind of started from doing this. And you know, I think that’s what’s really exciting about it is the you know, the friendships and the connections that you know that come out of it. So excited to be here. And next we’ll be doing our 200th bourbon Community Roundtable. So there’ll be many, many future but you know, it’ll be there. It’ll happen.

Thanks, guys.

will all be somebody somebody will be definitely bought by then it has to that’ll have to happen.

There, my hair moves from here to everywhere else. So.

And before Ryan, you close this out, you know, I also have to say, you know, you know, of course, thank you to you guys, but also thank you very much to our community that helps support this podcast. I don’t think anybody realized, you know, understands what the amount of effort that it takes to go and publish

And do this and what the community that helps support us on Patreon. You know, as I mentioned before, this podcast almost ended a few years ago because we didn’t really see a light at the end of the tunnel. There was it was just kind of just kept digging a hole and we didn’t really know where we’re going. But now we kind of have a, you know, 200 episodes later, we finally have our groove. I think we have things figured out. So it’s, it’s great to have our community behind us that really helps support this and keeps it going. So thank you to everybody out there. That helps. Yeah, absolutely. And just to piggyback off what Kenny said,

I’m kind of like Nick, I just show up for an hour and and talk as well. So kudos to Kenny he does a lot for the show and and has made you know, my dream and vision a reality. And I just want to say thank you Kenny, for keeping that going and

through the times you know that we’re not as fruitful as it is now. You know, a lot of people do don’t realize how much work goes it like tomorrow.

We have a conference call about All right, what are our next guests when we’re going to interview when we’re going to do the calendar You know, there’s just so much work that’s involved in its and we’re just so grateful and thankful that people listen to us and they hang out with us we create a great relationships with this in this community with our Patreon fans. It’s super humbling and just grateful for everyone involved. So And with that, I’ll give a gift for

this to our episode. I just got this for my birthday. From a good buddy at heaven Hill. It’s the old Fitzgerald bald and bond hadn’t been released yet. It’ll be released in spring sometime the 13 year just open it up and it’s it’s by far the best one they’ve done and the best thing I’ve had this year so just a little tidbit there. So anyways, thanks everyone for listening in and you know where you know where to find us on all the socials Can he does all that but uh,

appreciate everyone listening and we’ll see you all next episode 400 and a few years

cheers, everybody.

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