170 – Bourbon Bunker Transformations with Michael St. Pierre and Aaron Stine

Lets face it. We go over to a buddy’s house so we can try bourbon we don’t have or because their collection is better than ours. How did they get their hands on it? Why are they so cool about sharing it? Michael St. Pierre and Aaron Stine are familiar names in the Facebook bourbon community. You’ve probably seen them buying, selling, or trading bottles but what’s their end game? Learn how these seasoned vets have transformed their bourbon bunkers into what many would call, a bourbon candy land.

Show Notes:

  • Get your copy of Bourbon Justice
  • Subscribe to Bourbon+ for only $30 a year
  • This week’s Above The Char with Fred Minnick tries to define “What’s a bourbon asshole?”
  • Michael and Aaron, talk about how you got introduced to bourbon
  • When did the itch hit you to start getting high end bourbons?
  • Talk about your collection so we can baseline
  • Talk about how you amass to the point where you have these crazy bottles in your collections
  • Do you see Van Winkle bottles as being the ace in your pocket?
  • You don’t think the new Van Winkles are worth their weight now, so do you look at it as trade bait?
  • Is there a shelf bourbon you even go to anymore?
  • Do you waste your time getting Elijah Craig Barrel Proof or Elmer T Lee for for trading up?
  • Have any of those open bottles turned into sample swaps?
  • Given the expense of the rarities, what is your price limit for a bottle?
  • What’s your white whale?
  • Do you have one more piece of advice for transforming your bunker?


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