155 – Barton’s Warehouse, Sazerac Lawsuits, and New Releases on Bourbon Community Roundtable #22

Pretty sure everyone has heard about Barton 1792’s Warehouse collapsing but we take our stab at some chaos theories. Brian Harra from Sipp’n Corn defended Castle and Key against Sazerac in a lawsuit and won. And the second half of the show is discussing all the new releases that are set to debut.

Show Notes:

  • Drinking Old Forester‘s President’s Choice, Kentucky Owl Rye, Wilderness Trail, Elijah Craig, and Henry McKenna
  • Why doesn’t Heaven Hill allow Elijah Craig Barrel Proof picks?
  • It’s the story that broke headlines and most of our phones were buzzing from family sending us links as if we hadn’t heard of it yet. But Warehouse 30 at Barton collapsed.
  • First, lets go ahead and see who got the most texts or links sent to them?
  • I know they haven’t said the cause, but if you go check out a previous podcast guests blog, bourbontruth, you will see that he wrote an article back in 2015 about infestation of beetles
  • On June 14, 2018, one of the panelists on this roundtable actually counter-suit Sazerac and won. A quick summary of the decision went as follows. Will Arvin and Wesley Murry are the guys behind the Castle and Key venture, even though we see Marianne Barnes on IG all the time. During the period where they were renovating, it was commonly referred to as the old taylor distillery or the spot formally known as. The problem with this was that Sazerac sued them for defamation for the name of Old Taylor saying that it caused brand confusion. Court Ruling PDF
  • What’s the Lanham Act?
  • Sazerac points out that there is a four-hundred foot “Old Taylor Distillery” sign on the distillery’s barrel storage warehouse and a twenty-foot “The Old Taylor Distillery Company” sign above the entrance to its main building. What did they expect to do with this?
  • Was there a settlement to be paid? Or attorney fees get paid?
  • Kentucky Owl Rye Batch 2 raise in SRP to $200. Almost a 50% increase. Seen some sold for $160
  • 1792 BiB single barrels
  • Parker’s Orange Curacao finish
  • Booker’s 30th Blend Announcement – Blake I saw in your email round up you talked about this. Can you give a recap?
  • Wild Turkey Revival
  • Heaven Hill 27 year
  • Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye
  • Thanks to Blake from Bourbonr.com, Jordan from Breaking Bourbon, Brian from Sipp’n Corn, and Kerry from Subourbia for joining this week.
  • Listen to all the Community Roundtables at https://bourbonpursuit.com/bourbon-community-roundtable-podcasts/

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