141 – Bourbon Brain Teasers with Wade Woodard

Can you name all the distilleries in Lawrenceburg? How is it possible that a straight bourbon is only 70 proof? Wade Woodard, blogger at tater-talk.com and witty comedic relief on Facebook forums, leads us through a series of bourbon brain teasers to see if we really know our stuff. Wade is an advocate for bourbon laws and makes sure that everyone is playing by the rules so he knows them inside and out. Listen to see if we get stumped and see if you can answer the questions before we can.

Show Notes:

  • None! Because I want you to listen and try to guess the answers for yourself!

4 thoughts on “141 – Bourbon Brain Teasers with Wade Woodard

  1. One of you stated that the product of a distilled grain mashbill is “whiskey”; so, why isn’t the clear distillate made from a rye mashbill considered whiskey? Most folks would call it vodka.

  2. Hey guys, It might be different somewhere else, but the minimum alcohol for Bourbon (and most other spirits) in Australia is 74 proof or 37%ABV as we call it. Scotch still has the 40% minimum though.

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