133 – Grain to Glass with Ryan Burchett of Mississippi River Distilling Company

The grain to glass movement isn’t new, but it’s a way for brands to differentiate themselves as they have complete control of the distillation process from all locally sourced products. It sparks pride in your area and builds relationships across the process until it hits the consumer. Ryan Burchett, Co-Owner and Distiller at Mississippi River Distilling Company, joins the show to talk about new experiments are happening from partnering with other distilleries and how the wood effecting the barrel is the next frontier for unique concepts and spirits.

Show Notes:

  • Ryan, let’s talk about you for a minute. Talk about your background and if you grew up around spirits.
  • How old are you and your brother? When did you get the bug to really dive into this venture?
  • Your known as one of the bourbon brothers that changed prohibition-era state law in Iowa, so talk about the history of Iowa and the meaning behind this title.
  • Before we dive into it, give us an overview of Mississippi River Distilling Company
  • Talk about the origins and how the name Mississippi River came to be or did you look out your office window and saw the Mississippi River and said “that’s it!”
  • So the whole grain to glass thing is something we hear very often now. It’s almost counterintuitive to what some of the big titans in the industry do. They feel that sourcing the best grains are the most efficient way to create a quality product, no matter the distance. But they also have to buy from multiple farms for the same grain. So talk about your view of having grain to glass distillation and what it brings.
  • Talk about some of the brands and spirits you all are doing.
  • Ok what’s an “artisan spirit”? I’m intrigued
  • Let’s be honest, you’re on a bourbon podcast but do you have a particular spirit you enjoy distilling more than it?
  • What states are your products distributed so our listeners can be on the lookout?
  • Talk about the tours and what’s unique?
  • Talk about Iowa for a bit. You’re our first guest from this state so what’s bourbon growth been like in regards to the market?
  • You started this 5-7 years ago – How has your own operation grown from where it started?
  • How many barrels are you aging? You’ve got a lot of experimental barrels going on but what is your primary age you shoot for in your bourbon whiskey? Size of barrels being used? Where do you get your barrels?
  • Where are you located so people can visit you and some social media locations to learn more about you

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