127 – Sourcing High End Bourbon with Bill Thomas, Mike Jasinski, Mike Miller, and Jared Hyman

This new episode is a flash back to an interview Ryan performed while at Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2017 while sitting with one of the shows all-time favorite guests, Bill Thomas. In addition we’re joined by the likes of Mike Jasinski, Jared Hymen, and Mike Miller of Delilahs in Chicago. This is a regular who’s who in bourbon and it’s great take on the industry of high-end bourbon pours, and the savviness of bourbon markets.

Show notes:

  • Talk about Bourbon Bonanza and Jeeps for Joy
  • What is hunting like now?
  • How is value perceived on a certain bottle when the seller is looking at asinine market prices?
  • Is dusty bourbon supply now able to meet demand and not as hard to find?
  • How do you protect yourself from fakes in the secondary market?
  • Do laser codes even matter?
  • How do you find those value pours at your establishments?
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