125 – The Export Market with the British Bourbon Society

If you think the bourbon frenzy has gotten bad here in the US, well you don’t know what it’s like to live outside the borders. This episode features Ed Rosie and Andrew Watson, members of the British Bourbon Society, as we we discuss the transition of scotch drinkers to bourbon, the European search for dusties, and how it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on store picks which we take for granted.

Show Notes:

  • How did you get into bourbon
  • What is the British Bourbon Society all about?
  • Talk about the current state of affairs with bourbon in the UK.
  • How much have you seen the EU pick up on this? Are there dedicated bars? Are bartender cocktails changing?
  • Is it cheaper to have your booze imported from a different country?
  • Have you taken all the dusty bourbon out of Europe?
  • I have friends from the UK and when they visit they tend to bring extra suitcases for shopping because things are just cheaper here. How do the prices compare to the US with taxes?
  • How often are you making pilgrimages to go shopping?
  • At this point, Trump is making more enemies across the globe and within our own country. Back in July, the European Union talked about a retaliatory tariff on steel imports. They said there would be heavy taxes on American whiskey. And the senate majority leader is Mitch McConnell who represents Kentucky, so it’s no wonder why they would go straight for the groin. As bourbon begins to boom and flourish in export markets this could really hit home as every distillery is in hyper-growth phases. Fred Minnick had an article on the NYTimes that really touched on the subject. I want to get your opinions on what this tax could potentially do
  • What’s the difference in the legalities? still a 3 tier system?
  • You also have some interesting export only bourbons you have access to. Wild Turkey 12 year. Blantons SFTB and Gold and Reserve. But what do we have in the US you wish you had every day access to?

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