107 – Reviving Michter’s in Kentucky Instead of Pennsylvania with Joe Magliocco, President

Joseph Magliocco, President of Michter’s Distillery and CEO of Chatham Imports, joins the podcast to talk about the rebirth of an American Whiskey brand and how he used to sell it growing up. He talks about why he rebooted Michter’s in Kentucky rather than Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania and we talk through each of their whiskeys and ryes including their extreme high end expressions and whether or not the barrel proof bourbon will be a line extension.

Show Notes:

  • Lets talk about the beginning because you’re an odd type of guest for us. We’re typically getting Andrea Wilson or Pam Heilmann on to talk about brands, but you my friend are the business end. Talk about how you carved your path in this wine and spirits world
  • I’m glad to hear you call it Michter’s because i hear people call in “Mishters” and i cringe.
  • Talk about the history of Michter’s and where you come in
  • What legal hurdles did you have to overcome when taking the name?
  • You could have created a new brand. You didn’t need the name. But why use the Michter’s name anyway?
  • Why did you decide to revive the brand in Kentucky vs the history in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania
  • I mean, that distillery in PA had one of the greatest iconic runs of all time with AH. Hirsch. Can you comment on that?
  • You are also reviving other brands like Bombergers and Shenks.
  • All of these brands have origins in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania
  • You know I wish I was smart enough to get my hands on M25 Rye and even more bottles of M10. Those older vintages are out of this world
  • I’m going to put you on the hot seat here for a minute. How do you justify the price tag of your Celebration bourbon?
  • What’s future expansion looking like for Michter’s?
  • Where are you planning to take the brand next?
  • During the week of the KY Bourbon Affair you released a barrel strength Michter’s. Is this going to be a line extension?
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